Three’s a Charm for D/SMEA Cycle 3: The 3-year Milestone Celebration -- The Alpha of the Hall of Famers

by : Flerida S. Pajarillaga

We are in awe by leaps and bounds!  We are amazed but we firmly believe that you are energized to do your best for your schools in the areas of quality, access, and governance!”

This was the resounding introduction of the inspirational message of SDO-Pasay’s Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Loreta B. Torrecampo, CESO V.  Once again even during pandemic, DepEd Pasay recognized on its third year, 22 out of the 29 schools with 33 initiated projects conferred as Division Best Practices. The virtual awarding held on January 10, 2022, displayed a remarkable 148% increase of recognized schools’ best practices compared from the previous school year.

All these that started from bright ideas on addressing gaps on the school’s respective key performance indicators (KPIs) to improve access, enhance quality education and modernize school governance for responsive school operations has yielded 100% application of school-initiated projects vying to be recognized as best practice at the division level. Schools went through testing of fire from November 24, 2021, until December 16, 2021 under the scrutiny of the School Best Practices Evaluation Committee comprised of Dr. Arturo A. Tolentino, OIC-ASDS/DMEA Chairperson; Mr. Librado F. Torres, CID Chief/ DMEA Official; Mr. Agapito Teodoro N. Manaog, NAPPSHI President/Principal IV-KNHS; Mrs. Glenda D. Tabaquirao, PESPA President-Principal IV, TPES; Mrs. Lovelynn Jane S. Bacera, Division SBM Coordinator/ PSDS; and Mr. Renato N. Robles, GPTA Federation President. Mrs. Flerida S. Pajarillaga, Senior Education Program Specialist-SMM&E and Mrs. Fatima P. Fajardo, Education Program Specialist II-SMM&E served as the secretariat.

The best of the best received the highest felicitation for their hard work, achievement of goals, strong partnership with stakeholders despite the challenging terrain of the new normal transforming towards quality service to the learners.  The schools with conferred best practices and special awards are as follow: 

For Clusters 1 and 2, Bernabe Elementary School for Pataasin ang Enrolment sa Bernabe Elementary School (Project PEBES), Epifanio delos Santos Elementary School for Project Electronic School-Based Management (E-SBM), Padre Zamora Elementary School for Project Electronic Document and Record Management System (Project EDRMS), Padre Burgos Elementary School for Project E-SBM on the Road to Success, and Juan Sumulong Elementary School for Project Integration of the Scanning System of QR Code Application in the new normal (I-SQAN)

For Cluster 3,  Timoteo Paez Elementary School awarded for 2-consecutive school year, the Project Masayang Mag-aral sa TPES (M&M), and new project for the special science class, Project Application of Kinesthetic Materials and Activities (AKMA).  Timoteo Paez Elementary School also gained special awards for promising projects for Project Read and Reap and Project MENTOS.   Apelo Cruz Elementary School was also awarded for Project Innovative Training to Nurture Teachers’ E-Teaching Literacy (INTEL) and special award for Project MAHAL.  Marcela Marcelo Elementary School was awarded for their 3 projects namely, Project Beautification and Greening School Initiative and Cleanliness Campaign (BAGSIC) on its 2nd year of recognition, Project Lista Mo, Kinabukasan Ko (LMK) and Project RPMS Electronic Portfolio System (REPORTS).

Cluster 4 had its two schools received special awards, Andres Bonifaccio Elementary School for Project ABES Reading Hub and Gotamco Elementary School for Project RevITALISE. Jose Rizal Elementary School bagged one of the Hall of Famer Award for the Project Gulayan Atbp. para sa Malulusog at Energetic na mga Mag-aaral ng JRES (GAME sa JRES) for being awarded on its 3rd year, and Project Adopt-a-Star on its 2nd year.

Cluster 5 schools primarily Philippine School for the Deaf had its Project Dormitory, Educational Assistance & Financial Support (DEAFS) and Project I-Sign and Learn recognized while, project We Hear, We Care: Drop-out Prevention Project and Gadget Mo, Sagot Ko was given special award.  The Philippine National School for the Blind made its mark with its second year of recognition for Project Rekindling Blind Learners’ Interest in Reading with the Heart (ReBIRTH).  Whereas, Project Keeping Attendance and Participation through Innovative Techniques (KAPIT), and Project Intensifying Sustainable Partnership and Involvement for Responsive Education (INSPIRE) added to their success. On the other hand, 2 out 3 projects of P. Villanueva Elementary School, Project POWEReading and Project U CARE, U SHARE gained special awards.

Cluster 6 with Rivera Village Elementary School for Project Facilities Improvement for a Safe, Healthy and Protective School (FISHPros) was awarded.  All schools in Cluster 7 were awarded, Maricaban Elementary School’s Project Collect, Upgrade and Upload in Digitized School-based Management (C U in DSBM), and special award for Project ESCORT.  Don Carlos Elementary School recognized on its 2nd year for Project Basura ko, Pang-membership ko. Moreover, a Hall of Famer project attained by Cuneta Elementary School with 3 years of recognition for Project Zero Drop-out (ZEDRO) together with new interventions also recognized, Project For Improved Reading Through Enhanced Strategies Zero Drop-out (CES is FIRST), and Project Increased Parent’s Participation (IPAR).

Cluster 8 had 3 projects conferred, Kalayaan National High School for Project KNHS-ACCESSing Students’ Strengthened Performance (K-ACCESS), and Pasay City South High School for Project STEM UP 2 recognized best practice on its 2nd year and Project Simplified Learners’ Activity Worksheet (SILAW).

Cluster 9 achieved the school with the greatest number of applied and awarded projects, Pasay City West High School. Four projects made it to the roster, Project Quality Connection for Efficient Information (QuCEI), Project Mathematics’ Innovative and New Enhancement Activities or Asynchronous Learning of Learners (MINE ALL), Project Electronic Centralized Organized Network for New Normal Collaborative Teaching (eCONNECT), Project I graph, I grasp, I innovate Apps (iGrAPPhs), and special award for promising project CARES. Also, Pasay National High School made it for a homerun for their Project Performance Amplification through Scheme and Synergy in Education (PASSED).  Last but not the least, Cluster 10, Project East, Ayos Okay awarded from Pasay City East High School.

The Roster for the Schools’ Best Practices has been sealed, the innovation manifested DepEd Pasay’s dynamism, activeness, and love for work.  It is a clear indication that quality is a necessity.  The ways forward have never been brighter despite the COVID-19 health emergency.  The DMEA Chairperson, Dr. Arturo A. Tolentino, OIC-ASDS, expressed his intentions with the support of Schools Division Superintendent to concentrate on the macro perspective for the coming SY 2022-2023 recognition of best practices from school-initiated project carefully crafted from the School Improvement Plan for the next 3 years and provision of technical assistance in achieving Level 3 of School Based Management (SBM) practice to all schools in Pasay City.  His words, “continue shining never stop sharing innovation and inspire teacher to do excellence in their work.”