SDO-Pasay Keeps the SBM (Ball) Rollin’

Flerida S. Pajarillaga

 “This SBM Validation engagement is a proof of the existing collaboration between the internal and external stakeholders.”  This is the resounding message of the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Arturo A. Tolentino, to the participants at the end of every validation session filled with intense exchange of audit questions between the validators and the participating school grounded on the School-based Management Assessment Process and Tools (SBM-APAT) from DepEd Order N. 83, s. 2012. The schools endured and succeeded the seemingly unending interrogation on the practice of school-based management system lasting at an average, 3 hours.

All twenty-nine (29) schools of SDO-Pasay have completed SBM Document-Observation-Discussion (DOD) assessment in February of 2020.  Another crucial part, once and for all, took part this year with the conduct of validation of the SBM level of practice.  This proves that the pandemic has no match to delay this any further.

The schools’ virtual SBM validation was ushered through Google meet platform and schools were divided into two batches.  The first batch run from May 24- June 2, 2021, covering the following schools: Jose Rizal Elementary School, Cuneta Elementary School, Pasay City East High School, Padre Zamora Elementary School, Philippine School for the Deaf, and Padre Burgos Elementary School.  This batch also included: Kalayaan National High School, Kalayaan Elementary School, Andres Bonifacio Elementary School, Pasay City National Science High School, Philippine National School for the Blind, Maricaban Elementary School, Bernabe Elementary School and had its last stop with Timoteo Paez Elementary School.

Whereas the second batch was conducted from June 8 to 17, 2021 with the following schools: Rafael Palma Elementary School, Epifanio Delos Santos Elementary School, Juan Sumulong Elementary School, Apelo Cruz Elementary School, and Marcela Marcelo Elementary School. The last stretch covered the following: Gotamco Elementary School, P. Villanueva Elementary School, Villamor Air Base Elementary School, Rivera Village Elementary School, Don Carlos Village Elementary School, Pasay City South High School, Pasay City West High School, Pasay City National High School , Pasay City North High School-M. Dela Cruz Campus, and finally finished with  President Corazon “Cory” C. Aquino National High School.

The event became a reality with the efforts of the school heads, assistant principals, the schools’ SBM coordinators and teams.  Moreover, the support of the other school’s stakeholders – GPTA officers/members, representatives of the SPT and SMEA teams, SSG/SPG officers, Faculty Club presidents, donors, sponsors and barangay officials was evident all throughout the whole duration of the process.

Unparalleled efforts were also shown by the Division SBM Validation Team, headed by Dr. Arturo A. Tolentino as the Lead Auditor, the validators and alternate members – Mrs. Lovelyn Jane S. Bacera, Division SBM Coordinator/ Public Schools District Supervisor (PSDS); Dr. Imelda V. Boquiren, EPS-English; Mrs. Leuvina D. Erni, EPS- Araling Panlipunan; Dr. Ramil D. Dorol, EPS-EPP/TVL/TLE; Mr. Rogelio S. Junio, EPS-Mathematics, and; the Schools Management, Monitoring and Evaluation (SMM&E) section as the Secretariat.

Remarks gathered from interviews captured the general pulse of the participants.  Dr. Ma. Jessica S. Magayanes, PSDS and OIC- Principal of the Philippine School for the Deaf mentioned, ” You can never lie with your answers to the SBM validators. You can only be true to what you practice.”

Mrs. Lea B. Marcelo, Principal of P. Villanueva Elementary School also attested, ” We were prepared.  More than the fact we had sleepless nights preparing the SBM Room, we were at our best to get those questions nailed with what we have at PVES.”

More so, Mr. Lyndon S.  Sanchez, Teacher III from President Corazon “Cory” C. Aquino High School stated, “I have realized from the validation that SBM is more than just collection of documents.  The documents are the basis of what is really happening in the school.”

As the schools wait for the most coveted Level 3 recognition on the SBM level of practice at the division level, the Division SBM Coordinator, Mrs. Bacera has requested all schools to submit the Key Performance Indicators self-rating for school year 2016-2017 until 2018-2019 to finalize computation. This shall lead to the Schools Division Office of Pasay to recommend all schools that reached Level 3 for accreditation and recognition by the DepEd Office- National Capital Region.  Yes, SDO-Pasay is ready for the next leap in SBM!