2023 National Learning Camp


by: Mr. Librado F. Torres

Purporting to recover learning losses brought about by long closure of schools during the pandemic, the 27 public elementary and secondary schools in Pasay City have pledged to support the department’s National Learning Camp (NLC) and ensure its smooth, fun-filled and productive implementation from July 24 to August 25.

The city schools made the commitment as they conducted the pre-implementation activities on July 4-21. These activities included profiling of learner participants per camp per learning area, identification of teacher-volunteers, orientation of key school officials and teachers, learner pre-assessment, drafting of class programs and sequence of activities, compilation and curation of relevant teaching resources, preparation of advocacy materials and development of camp sites.

The capacity building activities for Grades 7 and 8 teachers in English, Science and Mathematics conducted on July 18-20 accented the pre-implementation engagements. Ninety (90) teachers and 24 department heads attended the three-day training at Selah Pods Hotel, Pasay City. Likewise, 52 additional teacher volunteers attended the capacity building activities at Pasay City East High School on July 21-22. Those trainings were focused on the use of teaching and learning materials and teachers’ employment of fun-filled strategies in the delivery of instructions.

Meanwhile, the implementation phase started with the schools’ launching of NLC on July 21 and 24 with parades and distribution of advocacy materials managed by teacher-volunteers. This activity gave the schools enough time to inform the community about the department’s efforts to address learning gaps and losses. Moreover, the launching also stressed the importance of strengthening partnership with school’s internal and external stakeholders for better delivery of educational services. 

For its implementation, the Schools Division of Pasay City will have camps for Grades 2 and 3 learners (focus is on literacy and numeracy) and for Grades 7 and 8 learners (focus is on Science, English and Mathematics). The division’s NLC operationalization consists of a five-week program for learners who are at the Intervention and Consolidation Camps and a three-week program for those learners who are at the Enhancement Camp. Each week’s program also includes collaborative engagements for teachers (planning and preparation every Monday and review of instruction every Friday) which aim to strengthen teacher competence to teach better. (LFT/CID)