Dr. Imelda V. Boquiren

SDO-Pasay was officially certified ISO 9001:2015 compliant during the Awarding Ceremony held on June 11,2019 at Midas Hotel, Pasay City. The certification was awarded by AJA Registrars Inc. to the Schools Division Superintendent in the presence of the 103 SDO-P Non-Teaching Personnel,34 Principals and Assistant Principals,3 PCPRISA president/Vice President/Secretary,2 GPTA President and Vice President,29 Faculty Presidents,5 AJA Registrars Inc. staff, MACRO Vision President,44 invited guests and 20 Guest Performers and Emcees. The Registration of Certificates as ISO 9001:2015 is dated June 7, 2019.

The event was graced by the Local Government Officials headed by Hon. City Mayor-elect Imelda Calixto-Rubiano and Honorable Congressman-elect Antonino G. Calixto and Dr.Wilfredo E.Cabral, Director III and OIC of the Office of the Regional Director.

In his message, congressman -elect Calixto expressed his gratitude to SDO, Pasay for its worthy accomplishment which will benefit the Pasayeño children. He  was  indeed grateful to SDO-Pasay for continuously building better Pasayeños. On a similar note, Mayor-elect Rubiano signified her heartfelt thanks and congratulations to SDO, Pasay’s ISO accreditation. She mentioned of her dream to make the Local Government Unit (LGU), Pasay ISO certified.

In the word of acceptance by Dr.Evangeline P.Ladines, Schools Division Superintendent she said, ”Hard work is the father of success and patience is truly a virtue.” She reminisced the ISO journey of SDO, Pasay which started on June 2018.She emphasized that the ISO certification shall serve as the benchmark of excellence for SDO, Pasay. In conclusion she reiterated,” We accept the challenge that ISO shall be a way of life in SDO, Pasay. Client satisfaction and fulfillment of purpose of the employees shall be our goal. The SDO shall be the forefront of effective, efficient and quality public service at all times”.

In the Congratulatory message delivered by Dr.Wilfredo E.Cabral, Regional Director, he pointed out that working with ISO journey seems a burden in the processes. He shared the same sentiments with SDO-Pasay by sharing the NCR’s experience prior to ISO certification. He gave collocation to the word “Leadership” as “Leader Shift” which means the shifting of the mind and accept everything on their own. He congratulated SDO, Pasay for moving on. He challenged everyone to have the ability to do more and be mature in doing their jobs. He concluded,” With the NCR-UNO it is a vision that the 16 Division shall be ISO certified and as one we shall establish the mantra,” Our legacy so rich as excellence.”

The SDO policy to commit   to quality, relevant, responsive and life-changing educational services for learners, teaching and non-teaching personnel in a more progressive and humane society was certain and apparent in the full implementation of ISO 9001:2015 in the division.

In a short encounter with the following personnel on their experiences and self-realization before and during certification, they shared their own perceptions:

Mrs. Marlene R. Polero, Administrative Officer V said that there was a struggle on collating the documents and the formulation of the Quality management procedures. “After all the challenges, I was able to experience the importance of ISO in the effective and efficient delivery of services. It came to a point that I realized the importance of responsible and committed people in order to achieve the vision of the organization.” she added.

Mrs. Teresita M. Martin, Administrative Officer IV and the Records Section Chief stated, ”I am for ISO,I welcomed ISO since it will give the organization prestige as it adheres to the international standards. However, it was a tough journey during the process of organizing the documents and drafting the procedure. Although we have already practiced the procedures still there were instances wherein I realized that if we work together as a TEAM there is certainty that we can do everything. I am truly grateful for the101 percent support of our SDS and for pushing us to our limits.”

Meanwhile, all SDO-P offices participated in the implementation of ISO through the strict compliance and observance of 6S.

On top of ISO 9001:2015 certification are top the management headed by. Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, Schools Division Superintendent and Dr. Melody P.Cruz, OIC of the Office of the Assistant Schools Superintendent and the ISO Facilitator.

The success of this endeavor is also attributed to the ISO core group composed of: the overall coordinator Ms. Jessy Reyes, Chief Education Program Supervisor, selected supervisors and School Heads, Section and Unit Heads, Senior Education Program Specialists, Education Program Specialists, IT Officer, Division Librarian and the personnel and records sections’ process owners, and the entire offices who have also exerted efforts and full support to this quest.

Amidst the pressures, sleepless nights and tight schedules, SDO-P was able to hurdle these challenges. It goes with the saying,” No Pain No Glory”.

Now that SDO-Pasay is ISO 9001:2015 certified, the assurance to deliver quality services to its stakeholders is guaranteed.