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To equip and provide schools with a more comprehensive insights and assistance along the implementation of School-Based Management (SBM), and in congruence with DepEd Order Number 83 , s. 2012, SDO firms-up the schools’ compliance of the SBM Principles and Guidelines through a conduct of a one-day Capability Building on the Improvement of SBM through the Integration of M & E Mechanism on August 07,2017 at SDO Conference Hall.

Guided with the main goal of SBM which is to improve school performance and student achievement, SDO’s purpose of initiating the strategy was to address the gap presented by the Division SBM Monitoring Team and to accelerate and boost the morale of all key players- which include the School Heads, Schools’ SBM Coordinators, Faculty and PTA Presidents- in the employment of the SBM and religious observance of the Four Pillars of Good Governance namely the accountability, transparency, predictability and participation / responsibility and four Principles: Leadership and Governance, Curriculum and Learning, Accountability and Continuous Improvement, and Resource Management.

The Capability Building was spearheaded by the Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines together with the Division SBM Team Chaired by Mrs. Lovelyn Jane S. Bacera- Public Schools District Supervisor in-charge of Cluster 4, and engagement was participated and attended by all School Heads, District Supervisors, Education program Supervisors, School SBM Coordinators and School Faculty President.

Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines – Schools Division Superintendent and Ms. Lovelyn Jane S. Bacera – Division SMB Coordinator and PSDS of Cluster 4 thoroughly and successively presented the overview of the SBM while the Schools’ SBM Physical Set-up and process of consolidating artifacts in each principle were unveiled by Ms. Shery Funcion and Mrs. Flerida S. Pajarillaga.

According to Dr. Ladines, “It is through the actual practice of SBM Principles that will make schools more effective, relevant and liberating in the delivery of the Basic Education.”

With all the knowledge imparted by the organizers, the day ended having a strong hope and assurance that each school will now have a well-organized artifacts coupled with actual practice and ready for a recommendation for a Public Accreditation of Schools for Basic Education ( PASBE ).


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In pursuant to DepEd Order Number 28, s. 2017 and in support with the continuing vow of the Department of Education in providing professional development to all teaching, teaching-related and non-teaching personnel towards its pursuit in providing quality education and attaining improved learning outcomes, a two-day Workshop on Utilization of Human Resource Training and Development (HRTD) Fund was conducted on July 19-20, 2017 at SDO Conference Hall.

In addition SDO – Pasay aims for a smooth flow of proposed allocation of the HRTD Fund amounting to 2 Million pesos.

During the comprehensive discussion of the Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines about DepEd Order Number 28, s.2017, she also clearly elaborated the difference between allocating INSET Fund (as indicated in DepEd Order Number 9, s.2017) and HRTD fund. Ms. Jacqueline D. Bernardino- Senior Education Program Specialist of Planning & Research talked about the Preparation of the Activity Proposal while Ms. Celia B. Baylon – SDO’s Planning Officer, presented the HRTD matrix which is consistent with the Program Management Information System ( PMIS ).

The workshop enlightened the participants on the process of availing the fund. The participants were divided into three groups with corresponding allocation. 1,200,000 pesos for Teaching Group, 500,000 pesos for Teaching Related and 300,000 pesos for Non-Teaching Group. Each of them were asked to prepare Activity Proposals and Work and Financial Plan.

All the planned activities are aligned with the Ten Point Agenda of DepEd Secretary Leonor M. Briones. Each of the group came up with three proposals. For Teaching Related, the approved proposals are Revitalizing Instructional Leadership of Head Teachers Towards a Responsive and Committed Department with an allocated budget of 88,000 pesos, Interfacing of Supervisors with Principals on Revitalization of Interrelationships and Work Ethics having a target budget of 196,000 pesos and Training on Conflict Management with an estimated budget of 216,000 pesos. On the other hand, the approved proposals of the Teaching Group are Project on the Enhancement of Phil. Folk Dances through Training-Workshop for MAPEH Teachers in the Division of Pasay City with a proposed amount of 181,500 pesos, Development of Assessment Materials to Increase the Mastery Level of Grades 3,6 & 10 English, Science, Math and Filipino with an approved budget of 620,700 pesos and Seminar-Workshop on Strengthening Positive discipline in the Classrooms for Secondary Teachers having an amount of 397,000 pesos. For the Non-Teaching Group, the approved proposal are Computer Training for Common Task for School-based Non-Teaching Personnel with an allocated budget of 61,250 pesos, Seminar-Workshop on the Transformation into a Corporate Attitude for the School-based Non-Teaching Personnel having a budget of 172,830 and Striving for PEAK Performance through Enhancing the Competencies Required for the School-based non-Teaching Personnel with a projected amount of 65,920 pesos.

The two-day event was concluded with a challenge from the Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines. According to her, after capacitating and addressing all the needs of the personnel, both Teaching, Teaching Related and Non-Teaching Personnel, it is expected that the long-term goal of the HRTD Program which is to achieve better learning outcome shall be attained.

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Schools Division of Pasay City headed by its Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines with the assistance of the Chief of the Curriculum Implementation Division (CID) Mr. Librado F. Torres and Mr. Ronel R. Arellano, SDO’s Admin. Officer IV initiated the Interfacing of CID, Schools Governance Division (SGOD) personnel and SDO Section Chiefs on June 29-30, 2017 at Batis Aramin, Lucban Quezon to strengthen the interconnectedness with one another beyond the SDO Structure.

Workshop’s major target is to enhance engagements for Interfacing among CID, SGOD and other personnel, as well as to improve the directing skills of Supervisors and Specialists.

Mr. Ragienald Villacorta, SGOD’s Social Mobilization Specialist take the lead in giving feedbacks about the conduct of Brigada Eskwela. Mrs. Maripaz T. Medoza, Education Program Supervisor in-charge of Science facilitated the exchange of feedbacks about the Oplan Balik Eskwela while Mrs. Imelda V. Boquiren, Education Program Supervisor in-charge of English discussed about Enhancing Directing Skills of Supervisors and Specialists.

The two-day event ended with Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines’ Values Enhancement Talk. According to her, “We are here to enjoy the company of our co-employees who belong to a diversity of a personal, professional, social, political and cultural background. We are here to manage ourselves in the midst of diverse personalities and to discover and rediscover our capacity to enhance personal and professional relationships with higher-ups, with our peers and colleagues. I hope that this relationship will be sustained, and will signal better interrelationship beyond the official organizational structure of SDO.”

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“It is the utmost desire and vision of my administration to provide every Pasayeños the best and quality services specially in the field of Education. I believe that Education is the most effective weapon in defeating poverty, that’s why, yours truly and Congresswoman Imelda “Emi” Calixto-Rubiano, together with our Council and the DepEd family, prioritize the needs of our teachers and learners. Providing all schools with a four-story building, fully airconditioned classrooms, enhanced learning equipment and giving of financial assistance to all deserving learners are our greatest dream wherein other schools in the city are now enjoying. With the strong collaboration, strengthened partnership and dedication of the Local Government Unit and the Department of Education, Pasay City, headed by the Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines; and in cooperation with the Office of Congresswoman Imelda Calixto-Rubiano, we are confident enough that the School Building Program and Enhancement of all Learning Equipment will be fully and successfully completed before the end of my term as the City Mayor of Pasay”, Hon. Pasay City Mayor Antonino G. Calixto said during the interview conducted in his humble office on July 06, 2017.

The purpose of the Program is to help the National Government ensure that a substantial number of classrooms are built. Expenses and other expenditures used were taken from the Special Education Fund under Deped Order Nos. 10, s. 2017 which states about the Revised Guidelines on the Utilization of Special Education Fund.

The LGU had turned-over the newly constructed four-storey buildings of Padre Burgos ES, Epifanio Delos Santos Elem. School, Rafael Palma ES, Padre Zamora ES, Timoteo Paez ES, Jose Rizal ES, Andres Bonifacio ES, Rivera Village ES, while buildings of Gotamco ES, Cuneta ES, Marcela Marcelo ES and Apelo Cruz ES are currently under construction; whereas all Secondary Schools like Pasay City East HS, Kalayaan National HS, Pasay City South HS, Pres. Corazon C. Aquino National HS, Pasay City North HS- Tramo, Pasay City North HS-M. Dela Cruz, Pasay City West HS and Pasay City Science HS are now enjoying not only the newly developed buildings but the newly constructed laboratories as well.

In addition, as promised by Hon. Mayor Calixto, all electrical facilities of all schools are also boosted in preparation for the installation of air conditioning units.

“In behalf of all School Heads of Pasay City, I would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude to our Local Government Unit headed by our City Mayor Hon Antonino G. Calixto and Hon. Congresswoman Imee Calixto-Rubiano for making Education in the City one of their topmost priority. School Building Program and enhancement of Learning Equipment is of great help in achieving DepEd Pasay City’s goal which is to make Pasayeno Numero Uno,” Ms. Glenda D. Tabaquirao, PESPA President and Principal IV, of Timoteo Paez Elem. School said.

It’s not only the school heads of DepEd Pasay who are thankful but the parents as well. Mrs. Rowena Powel, a mother of six and GPTA President of Cuneta ES also said that, they are very thankful to the Local Government Unit headed by the City Mayor Hon. Antonino G. Calixto and Congresswoman Imelda Calixto-Rubiano for giving much attention in the rehabilitation and construction of the school buildings. They are overwhelmed not only with the newly developed school buildings but also with the financial assistance and school supplies given by the Office of the City Mayor to the learners of Pasay City.

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DepEd Pasay City unveiled the new faces of Philippine Elementary School Principals’ Association (PESPA) Officers when the Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, inducted the offiers on June 09, 2017 at SDO Conference Hall.

The organization aims to contribute towards the achievement of excellence in education and to strengthen their partnership with the Department of Education in the realization of its vision and mission for the Philippine Education. It also gives assistance to all members particularly the newly installed principals in harnessing their leadership skills and on managing healthy interrelationships among the principals and with other professional groups in the Schools Division Office and with different stakeholders.

Mrs. Glenda D. Tabaquirao , Principal IV of Timoteo Paez Elementary School was elected as the new President of the Association. Mr. Severo A. Bajado, Principal IV of Villamor Air Base Elementary School will now be serving as the group’s Vice-President, followed by Ms. Jeanne C. Rejuso, Principal II of Andres Bonifacio Elementary School as the Treasurer and assisted by Ms. Norma B. Jamon, Principal of Juan Sumulong Elem. School while Mr. Romy P. Socao, Principal II of Maricaban Elementary School was elected as the Secretary. Likewise, Mr. Rodolfo C. Tirol- Principal IV of Kalayaan Elementary School will be performing as the Auditor; Mr. Tirso B. Gali, Principal III of Apelo Cruz Elem. School as the Business Manager; Mr. Noel F. Junio, Principal of Marcela Marcelo Elem. School as the PIO and Ms. Laarni R. Alejandro, Principal of Gotamco Elementary School as the Muse and escorted by Mr. Mario T. Endico.

The newly inducted Officers wholeheartedly accepted the challenge of the Schools Division Superintendent and committed themselves to be united in purpose and uphold the ideals of the Association.

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To ensure smooth opening of classes, DepEd Pasay City in collaboration with the partner organizations and LGUs simultaneously launched the Oplan Balik Eskwela (OBE) for School Year 2017-2018 on May 29 – June 16, 2017 as mandated by the Department of Education under Deped Memorandum Number 55, s. 2017.

The yearly campaign was conducted to address possible dilemmas usually encountered at the beginning of the school year. Its primary objective is to ensure that schools are ready for the opening of classes and all the learners are properly enrolled and transferees are accommodated and able to attend school on the first day of classes.

Prior to the opening of classes, SDO Proper and the respective schools prepared a back-to-school plans wherein Local Government Units and other Public Assistance Stations were involved.

The flow of the OBE was closely monitored by the SDS herself, Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines together with the Chief Education Program Supervisors Mr. Librado F. Torres of the Curriculum Implementation Division and Mrs. Irene S. Tonel of the Schools Governance and Operations Divisions (SGOD), as well as the Education Program Supervisors, Public Schools District Supervisors, Education Program Specialists from the SGOD.

Aside from evaluating the preparedness of each school in the implementation of its existing Programs and Projects like school’s Feeding Programs, the OBE Monitoring and Evaluation Team assessed schools’ safety measures and readiness in terms of its Physical Environment, Site Utilities, School-based Internal Control System, Feedback Channels, Inventory of OBE Supplies and Donations and the Participation of the Parent-Teacher Association and other Stakeholders.

Again, as stipulated in DepEd Memo Nos. 143, s. 2016, SDO – Pasay strongly adheres to a “No Collection” and “Admit All Policy”. Majority of the schools conducted the Parents General Assembly between June 1-3, 2017. A few conducted it on June 10,2017. Pertinent DepEd Orders, Policies and Programs were discussed by the school heads.

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Guided with DepEd Order No. 25, s. 2017 and with the continuous adherence of DepEd Pasay City in empowering and equipping all the teachers with the opportunities to learn new skills, additional instructional approaches that they can use in the delivery of their instructions and share experiences with one another, a week-long In-Service Training (INSET) was contemporaneously administered on May 29 – June 02, 2017 in all schools divisionwide.

In-Service Training Program is systematized twice a year to provide necessary support to the teachers who are given responsibility in a new field of work especially the new ones. Part of its goal are to promote the continuous improvement of the total professional staff of the organization; to eliminate deficiencies in the background preparation of teachers and professional workers; and to release and adopt creative activities. The theme of the activity vary from year to year depending on the needs of the teachers as well as the school system.

Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, Schools Division Superintendent took the lead in monitoring the training together with the Chief Education Program Supervisors Mr. Librado F. Torres of the Curriculum Implementation Division and Mrs. Irene S. Tonel of Schools Governance and Operations Division; also with the Education Program Supervisors (EPS) and Public Schools District Supervisors (PSDS).

School Principals, Department Heads and Master Teachers served as the Chair and Vice-Chairpersons of the INSET. They also strictly monitored teachers’ attendance and participation. Training Matrix were thoroughly planned, prepared and approved by the Schools Division Superintendent before the conduct of the training.

Some of the Education Program Supervisors, Public Schools District Supervisors, SDO Personnel, School Principals, Department Heads and Master Teachers served as discussants in the training. Expenses incurred during the conduct of the seminar were taken from school MOOE subject to the usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

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“ALS is indeed providing truly liberating education, Ito ay dapat seryosohin at bigyang panahon”, Mr. Librado F. Torres, Chief, Education Program Supervisor- Curriculum Implementation Division highlighted during his inspirational message in the Capability Building of ALS Teachers and Implementers, May 25 to 27, 2017 at El Cielito Hotel, Baguio City.

The Capability Building of ALS teachers and implementers was conducted to expand the delivery of ALS programs and projects and enhance the capacity of ALS teachers and implementers with the strategic techniques in advocating ALS programs and projects.

The said training played a vital role in equipping the ALS teachers and implementers with the different strategies in dealing with the Out-of-School-Youth and Adults (OSYAs) in the city through the shared expertise of the different resource speakers. Mrs. Consolacion G. Diaz, Education Program Supervisor in Edukasyon sa Pagpapahalaga instilled on the “Dignity of Work”, “Understanding the 21st Century Learners” conversed by Mrs. Maripaz T. Mendoza, Education Program Supervisor in Science, “Designing Materials for ALS Learners” by Mr. Ivan D. Grulla, Project Development Officer II-LRMDS, “Framework for the 21st Century of Teaching and Learning” discussed by Mr. Noel P. Miranda, Senior Education Program Specialist-HRD while Mrs. Aida B. Silva, Education Program Supervisor in Filipino conveyed on “The Qualities of a Teacher” and Mrs. Edna P. Madrid, Education Program Supervisor in-charge of ALS shared the “Best Practices of ALS Pasay City”.

Mrs. Victoria C. Tuppal, ALS teacher applied the different techniques in dealing with the 21st century learners through a demonstration teaching whereas Mr. Brian V. Balingit and Mrs. Jomarie C. Correo, Education Program Specialists II-ALS cheered the participants through team building activities.

This milestone for ALS comes to its reality through the interminable support of Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, Schools Division Superintendent (SDS), and through the dedication and commitment of the school principals from both elementary and secondary as well as the Public Schools District Supervisor (PSDS) and all the ALS teachers and implementers as well.

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“Best teachers are seen when we are able to produce the best learners. To spell-out the best teacher should be in the form of the best learners,” Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, Schools Division Superintendent underscored during the opening program of the Division’s Mass Training for K-12 Grade Six held at Splash Mountain Resort, Los Baños Laguna on May 1-7, 2017.

Guided with DepEd Order Number 36, s. 2013 which states about the Department’s long & short term Vision, Mission and Core Values, SDO Pasay deems it very necessary to prepare teachers in providing ample opportunity for planned learners’ interactions and engagement. Conduct of the training was funded by the City Mayor’s Special Fund and SDO’s Human Resource & Development Fund. Its primary goal is to equip teachers with the needed 21st Century Teaching & Learning skills, most specially in carrying-out the Department of Education’s enhanced curriculum which is the Kto12 Program.

The success of the training was due to the collaborative efforts of the Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Ladines together with the two Chief Education Program Supervisors Mr. Librado F. Torres of the Curriculum Implementation Division and Mrs. Irene S. Tonel of the Schools Governance and Operations Division. Selected school principals and supervisors served as the facilitators of the training. Dr. Rolando A. Soriano, Principal IV of TPEZ took charge in facilitating Araling Panlipunan, Dr. Severo A. Bajado of VABES for EPP and Industrial Arts, Miss Norma B. Jamon of JSES for ICT and Home Economics, Mr. Reynaldo Yakit of RVES for P.E and Health and Miss Mishelle Mitra, teacher III of TPEZ facilitated Music and Arts, similarly, Mrs. Imelda V. Boquiren, Education Program Supervisor in-charge of English , Mrs. Consolacion Diaz, Education Program Supervisor in-charge of Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao, Mrs. Maripaz T. Mendoza, Education Program Supervisor in-charge of Science, Mr. Rogelio Junio, SDO’s Math Supervisor served as facilitators in their respective areas of specialization while Mrs. Evelyn Ramos, Public Schools District Supervisor of Cluster 8 also took charge in facilitating Filipino.

Facilitators’ performances and proceedings of the training was promptly monitored by the SDO’s Quality Assurance and Monitoring and Evaluation Team chaired by Ms. Flerida S. Pajarillaga, Senior Education Program Specialist – Monitoring & Evaluation and Mr. Noel P. Miranda, Education Program Specialist – Human Resource Development, together with Ms. Maria Jacqueline D. Bernardino , Education Program Specialist – Planning & Research; Shery P. Funcion, Education Program Specialist II – M&E; Jessy J. Reyes, Education Program Specialist II – Human Resource and Development; Erick D. Comia, Division IT Officer and Mr. Raygeinald P. Villacorta, Education Program Specialist II – Social Mobilization & Networking, while the materials and other resources used by both the participants and the facilitators were prepared and set by the Secretariat team led by Mrs. Normina B. Hadji Yunnos, Education Program Supervisor – Learning Resource and Dr. Bernardita A. Perez, Education Program Supervisor – SGOD in cooperation with the LRMDS personnel Mr. Ivan D. Grulla , Project Development Officer II-LRMDS and ackie Lou U. Salaysay- Division Librarian II.

“I was stirred when our Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines explained during the opening program of the training the characteristics of the best teacher. The seven-day training was worth it. I was more equipped and refreshed with the features of the enhanced curriculum. Facilitators’ clear delivery of the content made me ready and fully equipped with the needed skills and knowledge which served as our weapon in dealing with our learners,” Ms. Maribel A. Tesoro, a Grade Six teacher of Timoteo Paez Elementary School said.

In addition, Mrs. Myrna B. Martino, Master Teacher I of Villamor Air Base Elem. School also commended the conduct of the training. She emphasized that the seminar has met its purpose which is to help each of them retool and strengthen its subject areas and uphold quality learning. All of them according to her had gained new tools, additional knowledge and better working etiquettes that will surely maximize their potentials as educators.

Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines concluded the training by giving all the participants her remarkable words of challenge. According to her, “Let us dream big for the learners of Pasay and dream big as well for ourselves, but when we dream for ourselves, always keep your feet planted on the ground after accomplishing your dream. When you go back to your classrooms, you will meet the realities. Please remember the insights you’ve learned in the sessions every time you encounter difficulties specially in dealing with the learners who are left behind. For us to overcome the obstacles, have faith, don’t lose hope and keep the love burning in your heart all throughout. Lastly, don’t ever break the cycle of connectedness with one another and with that I am sure all of us will be able to achieve the goal of Kto12.”

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To let the people in the community of Pasay City be cognizant with the programs and projects of Alternative Learning System (ALS), an ALS Caravan was conducted by the Division of Pasay City – ALS on March 28, 2017 in the selected barangays where mushrooms of Out-of-School-Youth and Adults (OSYAs) are located. The participants were directed at Padre Burgos Elementary School Gymnasium for a short program after the parade.

The main objective of the activity is to equip the ALS Focal Person with necessary knowledge and skills in the conduct of advocacy and social mobilization and to promote and gain support from stakeholders for ALS implementers and selected Local Government Unit (LGU) partners.

This year’s event was guided with a theme : “ALS Caravan Tungo sa Kaunlaran ng Pasayeῆong Kabataan. During the program, Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, CESO VI, Schools Division Superintendent accentuated the Ten Point Agenda as iterated by Secretary Leonor M. Briones of the Department of Education which she gave emphasis on the expansion of the coverage of ALS. She then challenged the learners to do their best in their studies and expect them to be in the world of work after taking the ALS program.

Mrs. Edna P. Madrid, Education Program Supervisor in-charge of ALS underscored on the different programs and projects and its partners in sustaining the program for the benefit of the OSYAs in the city. “Ikinagagalak ko ang iyong patuloy na pagsuporta sa lahat ng mga programa ng ALS para sa ating Kabataang Pasayeῆo”, she added. “Mangarap ka, mangarap ka”, Honorabale Barangay Captain Wenceslao DC Siwala Jr., said as he ventured the learners to continue on their studies even in the midst of poverty and relayed his past experiences as a living testimony of dedication and productiveness during his working days.

Mr. Ericson Santos, ALS A&E Test passer, affirmed the momentous role of ALS in his life as a learner.”Nang dahil sa tulong ng ALS, ako ay napromote sa aking trabaho at nabago ang estado ng aking buhay. Lubos ang aking pasasalamat sa programa ng ALS dahil ako ay hinubog at tinuruan na mangarap muli”, he stressed during his talk.
The program was concluded with a song “ANAK” by the Pasay City Science High School Chorale.

The activity started with a parade at exactly 7:00 in the morning wherein all DepEd officials headed by Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, Schools Division Superintendent (SDS), Local Government Officials (LGU), Mobile Teachers, Instructional Managers and ALS learners participated in the activity.

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In concomitant with Proclamation No. 224, s. 1988 ; Republic Act 6949, s. 1990, known as National Women’s Month Celebration and Republic Act 8504, recognized as Philippine AIDS Prevention and Control Act of 1998, SDOP enjoined the celebration of Women’s Month on March 8, 2017 at SDO Conference Hall and holds an HIV Awareness Seminar on March 30, 2017 at Kabayan Hotel, Pasay City.

The activities are part of the SDOP’s firmed support in the implementation of Gender and Development Program and guided with this year’s theme: “We Make Change Work for Women Celebration”. The objectives of the activities are to appreciate and recognize the contributions of female non-teaching in significant achievements of the agency and orient the participants on the information dissemination of HIV and AIDS Education.

Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, CESO VI together with Mrs. Leuvina D. Erni- Education Program Supervisor in-charge of Araling Panlipunan and Division GAD Coordinator and Dra. Ma. Recelle Enriquez-Reyes- Division’s Medical Officer III spearheaded the gatherings. Dr. Reyes presented the worldwide and city history of HIV, while Ms. Ellen S. Felix – Health Educator, Peer Counselor, BABAE Plus City Coordinator and Ms. Janino “Angeline” Antonio – Site Implement Officer, Outreach Worker and City’ HIV Counselor discussed relevant topics about HIV, particularly, they highlighted their talk on the provisions of Republic Act 8504 and How to prevent and avoid HIV.

All the SDOP Personnel headed by Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, CESO VI, actively involved themselves in the conduct of the undertakings. Participants and the Resources Persons had a meaningful exchange of ideas during the Training.

In conclusion, Dr. Ladines requested the resource persons to help SDO Pasay in the dissemination of information by giving teachers and parents a comprehensive Training on HIV Awareness in the respective Secondary Schools.

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To inspire and guide all the Grade 10 students divisionwide in choosing the right and perfect track to be taken in the Senior High School, a one-day comprehensive SHS Career Fair was conducted by the Division of Pasay City in partnership with on March 15, 2017 at Cuneta Astrodome.

The main goal of the event is to provide the Grade 10 students with free access to information on education, scholarships and employment trends; help students validate their decision on which schools and track is best and suited for them and to assist DepEd and City Government in tracking students’ preferences and progress through reports generation to aid the city planning and effective program delivery.

In addition, a School-based Career Fair was also consecutively conducted by all Secondary Schools on March 20-27, 2017 in support with the event initiated by the Division Office headed by Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, CESO VI. Part of the schools’ goal in conducting such endeavor is to expansively discuss with their learners all the tracks offered by their respective schools.

The activity was actively enjoined by all Grade 10 leaners and advisers; and witnessed by the Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, CESO VI, Chief Education Program Supervisors Mr. Librado F. Torres of the Curriculum Implementation Division, Mrs. Irene S. Tonel of the SGOD, Education Program Supervisors, Public Schools District Supervisors and Secondary School Principals. personnel discussed and explained to the participants the advantages of each track for students to have a clear perception and information about each track.

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“Today’s endeavor is a welcome engagement for Master Teachers and Department Heads. I hope that all of you are role models of a progressive minded teacher and a model as well in terms of facilitating teaching-learning processes. I expect that every Master Teacher and Department Head is working efficiently and functionally well with the team. I also expect that everyone can champion the cause of establishing student- centered learning. SDO Pasay can’t do the job alone – the job of improving the learning outcomes. With the strong collaboration of School Heads; Master Teachers /Department Heads; Education Program Supervisors; Public Schools District Supervisors, we will indeed make Pasay numero uno,” Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines said during the conduct of SDO’s Instructional Leadership Enhancement Training for Secondary Schools’ Master Teachers & Department Heads held at the Conference Hall on February 24 & 25, 2017 for the Elementary and on March 3 & 4, 2017 for the Secondary.

Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines and the Chief Education Program Supervisor of the Curriculum and Implementation Division Mr. Librado F. Torres initiated the training wherein its primary objective is to enhance supervisory skills of instructional leaders in the city’s academic institutions to improve the delivery of instructions, and increase the level of learning outcomes.

The comprehensive coaching activity was actively participated by all Master Teachers in both elementary and secondary schools together with the Department Heads, Education Program Supervisors, Public Schools District Supervisors and Principals.

On the first day of the training, Mrs. Imelda V. Boquiren – Education Program Supervisor in-charge on English focused her discussion on Instructional Leaders in the Implementation of Enhanced Basic Education Program followed by the Chief of the CID Mr. Librado F. Torres’ talk which is about An Effective Clinical Supervision and Simulation of Stages of Clinical Supervision, while Mrs. Rowela Cadayona – Master Teacher of Timoteo Paez Elementary School shared some inputs about Mentoring the Mentors: For Better Delivery of Instruction. On the last day of the activity, Mr. Torres discussed The STAR and the STAR-AR to Ace Supervision with workshop. In the afternoon, Dr. Rosalie R. Condes – Public Schools District Supervisor highlighted the topic about The Criterion-Referenced Instructional Supervision Scheme (CRISS): Bridging Teaching Learning Gaps. The last discussant, Mrs. Maripaz T. Mendoza – Education Program Supervisor in-charge of Science refreshed the participants’ knowledge on the use of The Teaching-Learning Observation Guide (TLOG).

John Errol P. Ruiz – Master Teacher of Bernabe Elementary School remarked that the training was very helpful and refreshing. For him, the seminar is very timely that it gives them direction. The simulation activities during workshops helped them a lot specially on the process of providing technical assistance to teachers. The synchronization of all forms to be used by master teachers during the mentoring and coaching process guided and simplified their task.

In addition, Mrs. Teresita S. Bolalin – Department Head of Pasay City High School also said that “Being one of the participants is a great challenge which leads to contribute to this important task, the task to enhance our supervisory and mentoring skills. We have learned many things because of our exposure and encounter with the facilitators / resource speakers in this enhancement training. All educators must keep abreast of the important advances that are occurring in education. Enhancement training is the key in meeting today’s educational demand.”

In the end, Dr. Ladines challenged all the participants to practice collegial supervision and must become a practitioner of progressive and innovative strategies. Everybody must share best ideas among the teachers for them to be able to smoothly solve every challenge in their own premises.

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Due to the strengthened commitment and enthusiasm of DepEd Pasay in promoting enhanced delivery of quality services and in implementing standards for virtuous dominance, a milestone activity commenced on February 27, 2017 to commend SDOP’s RPMS Top Performers from Second down to the Sixth Ranking Positions.

The undertaking was part of the SDOP’s monthly Employees’ Engagement Activity initiated by the School’s Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, CESO VI together with the Human Resource Department headed by the Administrative Officer V , Marlene R. Polero and Mr. Daniel A. De Ocampo- Administrative Officer IV.

Among the recognized personnel in the Sixth Ranking Position were Mark Jay A. Boyboy – Clerk I; Jun M. Estabillo – Driver I; Glossy R. Estrella – Administrative Aide II and Jovy G. Laumoc – Utility Worker I while Ms. Conception M. Macapagal – Administrative Aide VI was the sole awardee in the Fifth Ranking Position and Mr. Noel M. Miranda – SEPS – Human Resource Department in the Fourth Ranking Position. For the Third Ranking Level, the leading performers were Mrs. Maripaz T. Mendoza – Education Program Supervisor and Mr. Ronel U. Arellano – Administrative Officer IV- who also received the title Mahal ng Lahat Award. Mr. Librado F. Torres – Chief Education Program Supervisor in the Curriculum Implementation Division was the Best Performer in the Second Ranking Level and at the same time, the Head of the SDO Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines was also granted Gawad Tanglaw Award.

SDOP Unit Heads and Section Chiefs like Mrs. Irene S. Tonel – Chief Education Program Supervisor of School Governance and Operations Division; Mr. Librado F. Torres – Chief EPS ; CID, Mrs. Marlene R. Polero – Administrative Officer V; Mr. Ronel U. Arellano – Administrative Officer IV; Daniel A. De Ocampo – Administrative Officer IV; Dr. Maria Recelle E. Reyes – Medical Officer III; Sherine M. Akahomen – Accountant III; Loida C. Dasco- Admin. Officer V; Sharon Mae B. Quieta – Admin. Officer IV; Atty. Jean N. Litusquen – Attorney III; Erick D. Comia – Information Technology Officer I; Teresita M. Martin – Admin. Officer IV and Engr. Joanna Rose S. Eduria – Engineer III were also recognized for leading their respective units in the attainment of the goals of their Key Result Areas (KRAs).

“It pays all the effort and it’s worth it being recognized. No amount of money would compensate the feelings I had that moment. I felt so honored and grateful that after all the punching to the moon, my potential of having what it takes to get the job done has been recognized and I would like to share this accomplishment to my fellow workers to go on w/out even surrender amidst all the trials and difficulties they encountered along the way. The hardest thing that I can have to accept is how will I sustain such as effort or even surpass another record of performance as well as to go on with my advocacy as an HRD practitioner in encouraging everyone to be a peak performer within the rank”, Mr. Noel P. Miranda – Top Performer in the 4rth Level said. Meanwhile, Mr. Erick D. Comia – SDO’s IT Officer and also one of the awardees said that he was more inspired and challenged after receiving the recognition. To be awarded as one of the leading unit in the SDO Pasay was a great privilege and honor. According to him, the saying “Imagination is your tool for success in this institution” helped him achieve his targets and break the hurdles one by one. He also congratulated all the people behind the event for a job well done.

Dr. Ladines concluded the event by challenging all the SDOP personnel to become an effective, efficient, engaging and empowered employee and above all maintain the sense of humility.

Posted on February 22, 2017 by Normina B. Hadji Yunnos

All the apprehensions, hard work and serious endeavors exerted in preparation for the contest were paid-off when Pasay City delegates nailed awards in the recently concluded 2017 National Science Quest conducted at Baguio City on February 9-11, 2017.

This year’s theme: “Environmental Protection and Conservation of Ecosystem” was inspired by the objectives of the competition which is to intensify the campaign on protecting the environment through 3Rs; to make Science principles alive, meaningful and relevant to the learners and select the most creative/ innovative/ best Science Investigatory Projects (SIPs) nationwide.

Charlene A. Hailar, Grade Six pupil of Apelo Cruz Elementary School and was trained by Mr. Alvin D. Asis bagged the First Place in the Poster Making, while Ms. Angelie G. Custodio, Grade Four Teacher of Jose Rizal Elementary School was also awarded First Place in the Strategic Intervention Material. Other National winners from the SDO Pasay were Ms. Jennilyn M. Asis, grade three teacher of Apelo Cruz got the Sixth Place in the Strategic Intervention Material for Grade Three and Ms. Leia V. Mijares, Grade Eight teacher of Pasay City North High School – Tramo Campus won the Seventh Place in SIM for Grade Eight.

SDOs recognition was due to the continuous dedication and hard work of the trainers and learners with the support of their school heads, Division Science Supervisor Ms. Maripaz T. Mendoza , CID Chief Mr. Librado F. Torres and the Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines.

DCS Pasay commended all the winners and trainers for bringing home the bacon. All of them will be receiving Php 1,000 which shall be charged against Division MOOE subject to the usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

Posted on February 22, 2017 by Imelda V. Boquiren

DepEd Pasay celebrated partnership with Asia Pacific College on February 9, 2017 at APC, Conference Room.

The unprecedented partnership was sealed with the signing of Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding by the parties led by Mr. Paulino Y.Tan, president, Asia Pacific College, Mrs. Irene S. Tonel, chief, School Governance and Operations together with Mr. Agapito Teodoro S. Manaog, principal of Pasay City South High School, the partner school of Asia Pacific College.

In the message delivered by Ms. Joanna G. Minglana, she expressed that Asia Pacific College good intentions to share the APC Senior High School academic program on STEM to Pasay City South High School is part of its Corporate Social Responsibility. Accordingly, Asia Pacific College share the legacy of industry-academe partnership and Microsoft-powered curriculum with Pasay City South High School.

Meanwhile, CHAMP, an IT company confirmed its donation of 30 laptops and 20 monitors to Pasay City South High School. As one of the donors, the equipment donation is a realization of the company’s advocacy on education as one of its pillars.

Posted on February 15, 2017 by Normina B. Hadji Yunnos

“We value human resources. Without each one of you, the vision and mission can’t be attained. Each one of us has the best potential. We can do the work together and we will be able to appreciate and embrace diversity among us,” Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines said during the launching of SDO’s Employee Engagement Activity on January 30, 2017.

Employees Engagement Activity is a monthly undertaking of SDO Proper headed by Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines which aims to strengthen the organization through communication and engagement; and to abreast / update the SDOP personnel with the latest developments, issues and concerns in the work place and enhanced work values and ethics.

The monthly engagement was initiated by Dr. Ladines, co-chaired by Mrs. Marlene R. Polero – Administrative Officer V, Mr. Daniel A. De Ocampo- Administrative Officer IV, and with their members Mrs. Consolacion Diaz – EPS in-charge of Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao, Normina B. Hadji Yunnos – EPS in-charge of Learning Resource, Noel P. Miranda – Senior Educ. Program Specialist Human Resource Development, Mrs. Sharon May B. Quieta-Abdilah – Administrative Officer IV and Ms. Conception M. Macapagal- Admin Aide VI.

SDO allotted P10,000 from MOOE for allowable expenses for the said activity. Part of the activity is giving of tokens to the Birthday celebrants of the month and handing of Certificates of Recognition to deserving employees and IPCRF top raters for the month of February.

This activity is an offshoot of the learnings gained during the 6th Luzon CSC HRMP Convention held at PICC, Pasay City last November 28-30, 2017.

Posted on January 31, 2017 by Imelda V. Boquiren

Two students in DepEd Pasay emerged victorious in the National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) held on January 22-25,2016 at Pagadian City,Zamboanga del Sur.

Gwyneth Angelica A Santos, a grade 6 student and the editor-in-chief of “Letra ni Pepe” a school publication of Jose Rizal Elementary School bagged 4th place in Balitang Isports. She rose from the rank of contestants representing the 18 regions in the country.She was trained by Mrs.Criselda A.Santos,her Grade level adviser.

Meanwhile, Allen C.Iriola,a grade 10 student and the editorial cartoonist of “Ang Libay”a school publication of Pasay City East High School ranked 7th place in Kartung Editoryal. Equally elated with his huge achievement is his trainer,Mr.Anthony D.Ferreira, who is also the adviser of their school publication.

Amidst the hardship and pressure brought about by the intense competition, these students managed to outsmart their competitors. They have proven the whole nation that DepEd Pasay is indeed an avenue of homegrown journalists. Their commitment and strong will to win plus the full support of their School Principals: Dr.Tirso V.Gali of Jose Rizal Elementary School and Mr.Peter R.Cannon Jr.of Pasay City East High School and the SDO officials and local government have greatly contributed to this milestone.

“KALINANGAN…” Isang Paggunita Sa Kulturang Pilipino ng SDO Pasay!
Posted on December 20, 2016 by Ivan R. Grulla

Bilang pagsariwa ng ating kasaysayan at pagpapahalaga sa kultura na ating nakagisnan sa larangan ng musika, sayaw, kaugalian at mga Pilipinong kasuotan, ang SDO Pasay personnel ay nagpamalas ng kahanga-hangang talento sa isang selebrasyong pinamagatang, “Kalinangan, Isang Pagtatanghal” na may paksang “Ipagdiwang ang Kulturang Pilipino sa SDO Pasay!”. Ito ay ginanap noong ika-19 ng Disyembre 2016 sa Bulwagang Pantanghalan ng SDO Pasay.

Sa pagsisimula ng palatuntunan, ang ating Chief EPS sa Curriculum Implementation Division na si G. Librado F. Torres ay nagbigay ng kanyang pambungad na pananalita. Binigyang diin nya ang kahalagahan ng ating kultura na naging malaking bahagi at kontribusyon sa ating lipunan at sa edukasyon.

“Ang palakpak ng humahangang audience ay pansamantala lamang. Tumatagal lang ito ng ilang Segundo o minute. What is more important is our performance which can be our legacy as a government worker. Kahit hindi tayo palakpakan, itaas natin ng sabay-sabay an gindividual performance at collective outputs and outcomes and let’s aim higher and be excellent in our performance.”, isa sa mga mensaheng inspirasyonal mula kay Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines.

Kasunod nito ay ang mga pagtatanghal at patimpalak ng mga kawani ng ating dibisyon sa pagpapamalas ng kanilang mga talento sa pagsayaw na pinangunahan ng pangkat ng School Governance and Operations Division (SGOD) sa sayaw na “Subli”. Sinundan ito ng isang sayaw mula sa Admin Office sa makabagong bersyon na saliw sa tugtog ng Cariñosa. Ang Medical and Dental Team ay nagpakita ng isang magarbo at masayang sayaw mula sa tradisyunal na Sayaw na “Pastores” ng Bicol.

Kakaiba ang ipinakitang pagatatanghal na ginawa ng pangkat mula sa Office of the Schools Division Superintendent. Sa saliw ng tugtog na “Pasko Na Naman” ay sinabayan nila isa-isa ang mga liriko sa flashcards.

Mga awitin mula kina Ruben Tagalog, Pilita Corales, Claire Dela Fuente, Didith Reyes, Richard Reynoso at iba pang “Juke Box Queen” ang inawit mula sa Curriculum Implementation Division (CID) suot ang kanilang mga makukulay na mga Filipiñana at Barong Tagalog sa saliw na tugtog ng piano organ.

Pinagkalooban ng munting halaga ang mga nagwagi sa pagtatapos ng palatuntunan. Kitang-kita ang kasiyahan ng bawat kalahok at pangkat. Higit dito ang ipinamalas na “teamwork, unity at solidarity” ng SDOP – I

Posted on December 20, 2016 by Normina B. Hadji Yunnos


To provide a range of pre-service to in service training for newly hired teachers, the DepEd Pasay in collaboration with the Division Teachers Induction Program (TIP) Committee headed by the Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, came up with a synchronized and engaging training program held at Epifanio Delos Santos Elementary School for Clusters 1,4 and 5, Padre Zamora Elementary School for Clusters 2 and 3, Villamor Air Base Elementary School for Clusters 6 and 7; and at Pasay Science High School for the Secondary Teachers on November 19 and 26, 2016.

The primary objectives of the training are to capacitate newly hired teachers to be effective and efficient educators of Pasay City; and to provide a comprehensive orientation on series of significant topics like: DepEd’s thrust Vision, Mission and Core Values, Characteristics of Teachers, Personnel Actions, Educational Laws and Policies, Teaching Skills in the 21st Century, Managing Independent and Cooperative Learning, Bridging Learning Gaps, School Programs and Projects, RPMS, Honors and Awards, Electronic Class Record, Positive Discipline, Learner’s Information System/School Forms, Designing Instructional Materials; and Learning Resource Management and Development System (LRMDS).

The sessions were vigorously facilitated by the Public District Supervisors of all clusters; and Elementary and Secondary School Principals.

“The training was indeed very significant to all new teachers like me. I am very thankful not only to the head of this department Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, but to all the officials who made this seminar very successful and for giving all of us an opportunity to be part of it. After this training, I realized how crucial it is to become an educator. We learned a lot with all the important topics shared to us by the expert speakers. We will go back to our respective institutions well guided and trained,” Ms. Anabelle R. Jacinto- a newly hired teacher of P. Zamora Elementary School said.

More challenged and courageous educators were observed at the end of the seminar. The meaningful conduct of the two-Saturday training program was expected to bring big impact to the recently employed educators of Pasay City.

Posted on December 20, 2016 by Normina B. Hadji Yunnos

In pursuant with DepEd Order No. 12, s. 2015 which emphasizes the strengthening of Reading Program through the implementation of Early Language Literacy and Numeracy (ELLN) as learners’ foundation on learning, a carefully planned and synchronized 12-day training commenced on November 21-25,28,29 and December 5-9, 2016 at Jose Rizal Elementary School for Clusters1, 4 and 7, Padre Zamora Elementary School for Clusters 2 and 3; and at Villamor Air Base Elementary School for Clusters 6 and 7.

The training aims for the participants to have enhanced pedagogical knowledge, skills and attitudes on early language literacy, improved ability to assess learners’ literacy and numeracy skills and sustained commitment in mentoring or sharing of teaching experiences to improve instructions and learning outcomes.

The off-session activity was conceptualized for the School Based Learning Cell for ELLN Training and was actively participated by all Kinder to Grade 3 teachers divisionwide together with the Education Program Supervisors in English, Filipino, Math, Public Schools District Supervisors of Clusters 1 to 7 and the selected teacher-facilitators who have undergone Regional ELLN Training.

As part of its effective and efficient implementation, the Department of Education challenged all schools to strongly urge its community to support the Early Language Literacy and Numeracy Program for the benefits that it provides the pupils, educators and the community itself.

The implementation of the program in SDO Pasay will strictly be monitored by the Public Schools District Supervisors and the Education Program Supervisors.

Posted on December 20, 2016 by Normina B. Hadji Yunnos

In support to the worldwide 18-Day Campaign of Philippine Commission on Women in raising responsiveness to end Violence Against Women (VAW), Deped Pasay directed a one day Division Seminar for Non-Teaching Personnel on Gender Sensitivity, Awareness and Prevention of Violence Against Women at SDO Conference Hall on November 25, 2016.

All SDO Proper (SDOP) personnel led by the Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines , actively engaged themselves in the conduct of the community parade and in the proceedings of the conference. The activity aimed to identify one’s own perspective on gender sensitivity and equality; and enhance consciousness, understanding and participation in the prevention of VAW.

Atty. Jean N. Litusquen- Legal Counsel of SDO Pasay highlighted her talk on the various Laws about Anti-Violence Against Women followed by Mrs. Leuvina D. Erni, GAD Focal Person who discussed about 18 Things We Can Do To End Violence Against Women . Ms. Mary Jane Casimiro and Mr. Edgardo Abraham representatives from Population Commission Office (POPCOM) discussed the topic about “Kalalakihang Tapat sa Responsibilidad at Obligasyon sa Pamilya.”

After the simulation activity and fruitful exchange of ideas, all participants pledged to commit themselves in helping and extending their full support in eradicating violence against women.

Posted on December 20, 2016 by Imelda V. Boquiren


In celebration of the Advent Season, the SDO Proper (SDOP) 140 personnel reinvigorated their spiritual growth as they conformed and transformed the renewing of their minds on December 16-17,2016 at Carmelite Missionaries Center of Spirituality, Tagaytay City.

The gathering has provided the participants time to think, reflect and share different aspects of life. In addition, it enabled them to enrich their spiritual lives.

According to the speaker, Kookie Donida-Lu, a marriage counselor and life coach,” The purpose of our lives is to inspire others and make a difference.” Her astonishing gesture and strong disposition in handling the retreat has captured the participant’s attention.

The engagement of participants during the activities and the sharing of reflections on their personal experiences in handling communication, be it a listener or a sharer has somehow awakened them to reflect and reorganize themselves and their relationship with others and most importantly with God.

What highlighted the said activity was the creation of “My Own Christmas Tree”, a gift for Jesus on this advent season…less me, less pride, less anger, less gossip, less jealousy, less complaining

Posted on December 20, 2016 by Imelda V. Boquiren

The students in Pasay City once again proved the famous tagline, “Pasayeño Numero Uno” as they bag the overall championships in the Regional Contests held on the months of November and December at Marikina City and Valenzuela City respectively.

What contributed to this huge achievement of the students is the initiatives of all teachers to have entries in the Strategic Intervention Materials (SIM) and the Science Investigatory Project of the pupils.

Meanwhile, young writers and student journalists who competed in the prestigious Regional Schools Press Conference held at Valenzuela City on November 19, 24 and Dec.5 grabbed the Overall Championship as 2nd place in the Secondary level: and 7th place in the elementary level among the 16 participating Division with 160 entries in each category. This remarkable awards of eleven students who ranked 1st,2nd and 3rd place will represent the National Capital Region in the National Schools Press Conference on January 23-26,2017 at Pagadian City, Zamboanga.

The intensified conduct of trainings for School Paper Advisers and the Division Winners headed by the CID Chief Mr. Librado F. Torres and the untiring support of Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, Schools Division Superintendent and School heads have greatly contributed to motivate the students to take the lead.

In another Regional Contest, the 2016 NCR Technolympics, Pasay City was again awarded in Overall ranking as 2nd place in the Elementary Level and 4th Place in the Secondary Level. The enthusiasm and active leadership of Mrs. Alicia Dela Peña,EPS in EPP/TLE has encouraged the contestants to succeed. To reap these awards is a manifestation that students in Pasay are not only academically inclined but are also skillful in terms of technology and livelihood.

The 1st place winner will represent the Region in National Technolympics Contest on January 22-26,2017 at Dipolog City, Zamboanga.

Posted on December 20, 2016 by Imelda V. Boquiren

“Masiglang Atleta sa Palakasan Nangunguna” this year’s theme of the Palarong Pandibisyon was evident as student athletes from public and private Elementary and Secondary Schools showcased their skills in various sports contests held on November 15 to December 9, 2016.

The launching of the said event at Cuneta Astrodome on November 28, 2016 was graced by the top local government and DepEd officials headed by Hon. Antonino G, Calixto, City Mayor, Congresswoman Emi Calixto Rubiano and Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, Schools Division Superintendent.

This month long event was participated by all public schools and 13 private elementary schools in the 16 events and 16 private Secondary schools in the 25 events with almost 3,000 participants, including the EPS, PSDS, School Principals as monitoring officials, coaches, trainers and athletic officials.

In addition to the funding support by the school heads, the Central Office of DepEd downloaded 250,000.00 Php for the operation of the Division Palaro, this was managed by Mr. Pedro D. Gloriani based on the approved Work and Financial Plan. Most importantly is the funding support from the Local School Board through the Special Education Fund of the City.

The awarding of trophies and medals to the winners concluded the conduct of the event on December 9,2016 at P. Zamora Elementary School. The District 2 was awarded overall champion in the Elementary Level, likewise, Pasay City South High School is declared as overall champion in the Secondary Level.

In an interview with Mr. Pedro D. Gloriani, EPS-MAPEH/In-Charge of the SSD, he gratefully stated that this year’s Palarong Pandibisyon was a tremendous success. He emphasized that the objective, “To enhance the skills of the Pasayeño athletes to be competent players” was achieved. He envisioned another milestone in the Regional and National Level Competition.

The conduct of the said event is in preparation for the NCR Palaro which will be held on February 6 to 18,2017 at Marikina City.

Posted on December 11, 2016 by Ivan R. Grulla

In line with the implementation of the K-12 Basic Education Curriculum and to intensify the pedagogical skills of teachers, the SDO Pasay conducted the Division Training for the Untrained Teachers in Grades Four and Five last December 8, 9 and 10 at P. Zamora Elementary School.

This training purported to provide teachers with concrete understanding of the curriculum framework, learning standards and competencies, teaching plans and assessment. Selected principals, supervisors and teachers who have expertise and attended the National Training of Trainors (NTOT) for specific subject areas served as facilitators. Also invited as resource persons were Ms. Jeanne C. Rejuso who discussed Learning Assessment and Mr. Ivan Grulla who presented LRMDS concerns. CID Chief Education Program Supervisor, Mr.Librado F. Torres also facilitated the discussion on 21st Century Education.

The participants in this activity were newly-hired permanent regular teachers handling Grades 4 and 5 subjects and some of the untrained teachers who were not able to attend the K-12 Mass Training of Teachers (MTOT) held last May 2016.

Posted on December 8, 2016 by Ivan R. Grulla

For the second time, the Pasay City Government, in coordination with DepEd Pasay, was recognized as the country’s Most Outstanding Highly Urbanized Local Government Unit (LGU) by the National Literacy Coordinating Council. The award was conferred to the city during the 2016 National Literacy Awards awarding ceremonies held on December 8, 2016 at SEAMEO-INNOTECH, Quezon City.

In this year’s entry, “RESILIENT PASAY 2016”, the Pasay City Government, through the able and energetic leadership of Hon. City Mayor, Antonino G. Calixto and Lone District Representative, Hon. Imelda Calixto-Rubiano, featured how barangays in the city turned into safe and resilient communities through Mulitple –Literacy Opportunities.

To sustain and localize literacy programs and projects, Mayor Calixto and Congresswoman Rubiano also initiated programs like “Take Care, I Care”, “Pasay Ko, Love Ko! Aasenso sa Green and Clean!”, FEDROW, Urban Gardening, Coastal Bay Wet Garbage Lifting and Disposal Project, Hauling and Disposal of Dredge Estero/Creek Garbage and “Saklolong Pasayeño”.

For DepEd, focus was on sustainability and intensification of the following programs: Kindergarten Program, Senior High School Program, Green School Program (aligned in the “Fedrow” Urban Gardening Program), E-Learning Program and the “Kariton Klasrum”. These programs were supported by the LGU.

Posted on October 27, 2016 by Normina B. Hadji Yunnos


As part of the commitment of the Schools Division Office’ in intensifying good governance particularly in the implementation on the provisions of RA 9184 and on enhancing the efficiency in the utilization of resources as mandated by the Department of Budget and Management, a 2 day Live-In Planning Workshop on the Preparation of Project Procurement & Management Plan (PPMP) and Annual Procurement Plan (APP) was instigated by the Division of Pasay City on October 21-22, 2016 at Tagaytay City International Convention Center.

The workshop was enthusiastically participated by the SDO Proper headed by the Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evageline P. Ladines, CESO VI, Librado F. Torres -Chief of the Curriculum Implementation Division , Section Chiefs / Unit Heads, Education Program Supervisors, Public Schools District Supervisors, SDOP Personnel, School Principals, School Property Custodians and Division and School Bids and Awards Committee ( BAC ) Chairperson and BAC Secretariat Chairperson.

On first day of the training, Dr. Ladines led the fruitful discussion and review on some important points and issues such as: the connection of DepEd’s Vision, Mission and Core Values and Organizational Performance Indicator Framework to the occasion. Mr. Torres highlighted the Programs, Projects and Setting of Priorities of the SDO Pasay while Ms. Loida C. Dasco – SDOs Administrative Officer V (Budget Officer) presented the National Expenditure Program. Mr. Ronel U. Arellano – Administrative Officer IV / Supply Officer pointed out the proper Utilization of Funds for MOOE in connection to the APP. Crafting of Project Procurement and Management Plan (PPMP) and the Annual Procurement Plan (APP) commenced in the afternoon and the workshop continued on the second day with the presentation and critiquing of sample PPMP and APP.

“This is the most opportune time of saying that we are overwhelmed with chances that this training-workshop has given us. We are really optimistic about how different we can be in the future when it comes to procurement and I believe that we are utilizing our school’s resources effectively and with transparency for the benefit of our clienteles – the learners. We go back to our stations with abundant learning and quality assurance that our resources will surely be in good and caring hands and to nourish and mold the most precious materials in the world which are the minds of the youth”, said Mrs. Laarni R. Alejandro, Principal of Epifanio Delos Santos Elementary School.

Ms. Arlyn M. Miradora , one of the attendees and property custodian of Padre Burgos Elementary School also added that the training serves as an eye opener not only for her but to all the participants. With the help of the learnings shared by the resource speakers, they will be able to come-up with a strategic plan and budget. Having a clearer understanding on the implementation of RA 9184 and the mandates of DBM specially on the efficiency of cash-flow system in purchasing items will surely help them become an accountable official.

Prior to the completion of the Planning Workshop, Dr. Ladines challenged all the participants to firmly observe good governance in order to govern the SDO and the schools properly and to avoid any legal or administrative problem. She also encouraged and reminded everyone to follow the four Pillars of good governance namely: Accountability, Transparency, Predictability and Involvement.

Posted on October 17, 2016 by Jomarie C. Correo

The Alternative Learning System (ALS) implementers of Deped-Pasay City revisited the basics of ALS and its programs and projects last October 8, 2016, DepEd- Pasay City Conference Hall. The participants were twenty nine (29) school heads and ten (10) Public Schools District Supervisors (PSDS).

The seminar was opened by Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, Schools Division Superintendent (SDS) through her inspirational message emphasizing the importance of the different programs and projects of ALS in alleviating poverty and people empowerment.

Mrs. Edna P. Madrid – Education Program Supervisor (EPS) – in-charge of ALS focused her talk on the basics and different programs and projects of ALS. She elaborated on the differences between formal and ALS classes. Likewise she explained on other aspects of ALS like coordination with the barangay officials and other stakeholders and the reproduction of modules per school.

Mrs. Jomarie C. Correo, Education Program Specialist II-ALS gave emphasis on Advocacy and Social Mobilization. She encouraged every PSDS and principals to be one of the ALS advocates in the Division of Pasay City to spread the good news that ALS will not be a last resort for a change but a choice for a better tomorrow. “It’s up to us how many starfishes will be thrown back in the ocean”, she added.

In addition, Mr. Brian V. Balingit, Education Program Specialist II-ALS tackled on Monitoring Evaluation. He accentuated on the proper approaches of PSDS and school principals during monitoring of IMs, DALSCs and AATs. For a better monitoring, he persuaded every ALS implementer to have their” Kumustahan sa Barangay” to thoroughly implement and monitor the program.

The different tasks and objectives of the Public Schools District Supervisors (PSDS) and School principals were underscored by Mr. Librado F. Torres, Chief, Education Program Supervisor (EPS) – Curriculum Implementation Division (CID).He stimulated on the proper procedures on how to deal with the IMs, MTs and AATs during the implementation of the program in each cluster to level – up the performance of ALS.

The implementers agreed to have “Kumustahan” with the stakeholders at the end of every quarter and Fun Day every December. The SDS challenged all the principals and PSDS to make ALS program more vibrant and dynamic in their respective school and cluster level.

Posted on October 11, 2016 by Ivan R. Grulla


SDO Pasay in coordination with 88DB Philippines Inc. conducted a division-wide Orientation and Training on the Use of Power Tools – SMS, Collaboration Platform, Virtual Campus and Responsive Website for School ICT and LR Coordinators held on October 7, 2016 at SDO Conference Hall. This is another big leap to our fellow educators in harnessing the quality of education through the use of technology.

The training was spearheaded by our Division Information Technology Officer I, Mr. Erick D. Comia, together with the LRMDS Team headed by the Education Program Supervisor Mrs. Normina B. Hadjiyunnos.

A welcome and inspirational message was given by our Chief EPS in Curriculum Implementation Division, Mr. Librado F. Torres, underscored and instructed the school ICT coordinators to exhaust the possibilities of using school websites in updating regularly their school news and events.

Ms. Clarence Marie Quibilan, Customer Service Representative (CSR) of 88DB Inc. expounded some useful and updated features on how to add another page in web sites, uploading pictures, videos and inserting links to heighten the school websites.

Another power tool was presented and discussed by 88DB developer, Mr. Ivan De Jesus, is the “Virtual Campus”, where teachers and pupils interact online, answering exercises and increase learners’ ICT literacy to motivate their interest in all subject areas.

These applications were developed by the 88DB Philippines Inc., to help our teachers in transforming and raising their teaching strategies and techniques, and to meet the challenges and fast changing trends of education in the 21st century.

by: Normina B. Hadji Yunnos posted on Sept 27, 2016


Due to the commitment of the Schools Division Office in improving and promoting transparency, a two-day seminar on the Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act 9184, known as the Government Procurement Reform Act was instituted by the Schools Division Office (SDO) of Pasay City at the SDO Conference Hall on September 26 & 27, 2016.

The seminar purports to enlighten and provide all the participants with sufficient knowledge on the recent guidelines of implementing RA 9184. It similarly intends to guide schoolheads and the SDO personnel in the process and ensures that all clients will get the expected maximum benefits and quality service from the completed transaction.

Highly motivated enthusiasts of transparency from DepEd Procurement Management Service led by Director IV Aida N. Carpentero were invited as the resource speakers to discuss significant topics about RA 9184. Dir. Carpentero presented the overview of the revised RA 9184, Ms. Ma. Teresa S. Fulgar- Chief Administrative Officer of the same agency gave emphasis on the Procurement Planning and Monitoring while Ms. Ruth F. Romano- Supervising Administrative Officer from DepEd PMS,Contract Management Division highlighted the Alternative Methods of Procurement and School-Based Procurement.

The Division and School, Bids and Awards Committee and Secretariat and Technical Working Group served as the participants and actively participated in the said seminar.

Attendees were commended at the end of the session and challenged by Dr. Ladines to be courageous, firm and efficient in doing the right thing and in providing quality services. Accordingly, everyone is accountable to every actions and decisions he/she make.

The seminar was arranged with the Government Procurement Policy Board (GPPB) and the Procurement Management Services (PMS) of DepEd-Central Office by Ms. Eden Dioquino, Principal II of Padre Zamora Elementary School and Division BAC Secretariat Chairperson and Dr. Ladines.

by: Normina B. Hadji Yunnos posted on Sept. 24, 2016


The Division of City Schools Pasay City assisted both teachers and learners in developing quality learning materials through conducting couple of writeshops on contextualizing teachers’ guide and learning resources on September 22-24 and October 12-14, 2016 , as part of the department’s desire in coming-up with a teaching tools that may help in attaining a life-changing education.

Writeshops on Designing Worktexts for Grade 5 learners were funded by the division INSET/ MOOE. Division facilitated workshops were one of the immediate response of the DepEd Pasay on the identified needs of both the educators and the learners.

Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, CESO VI, Schools Division Superintendent of Pasay City challenged all the writers and the supervisors to give their undivided and full attention to produce a quality and valid content of resources.

Teacher writers together with the supervisors in various field of specialization were commended at the end of the writeshop for sharing their expertise and dedication in writing.

by: Normina B. Hadji Yunnos posted on Sept 19, 2016


“Your City’s best practices will certainly alleviate poverty. I am confident that Pasay City will surely one of the three winners for the incoming National Literacy Awards”, Ms. Anna Liza F. Bonagua, Director of the Department of Interior and Local Government Unit ( DILG) and Chairman of the Board of Judges highlighted during the final conduct and proceedings of the two days On-Site Validation for the Finalists of the 2016 National Literacy Awards for the Highly Urbanized City held at the Cuneta Astrodome on September 19-20, 2016.

Validation of the three qualifiers namely Cagayan De Oro City, Butuan City and Pasay City was done by the highly motivated jurors coming from different fields led by the Director of the Bureau of Local Government Development (BLGD) Ms. Bonagua, assisted by Ms. Gemma R. Macatangay, Assistant Division Chief of the BLGD, Ms. Elizabeth C. Cuisia, Senior Information Officer of Philippine Information Agency (PIA), Ms. Liwayway A. Caligdong, Assistant Department Head of the City Social Services & Development Office of Davao City, and Ms. Zerlan A.Torres, Secretariat of the Literacy Coordinating Council.

The event was also witnessed by Dr. Ponciano A. Menguito, Director IV of DepEd NCR, Regional CID Chief Ms. Genia O. Santos, Education Program Supervisors from DepEd NCR Dr. Arsenio T. Manalo, Dr. Roland Montes, City Officials headed by the City Mayor Hon. Antonino G. Calixto and Hon. Congresswoman Emie Calixto-Rubiano, DepEd Pasay personnel led by the Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, CESO VI, Chiefs of the CID and SGOD Mr. Librado F. Torres and Mrs. Irene S. Tonel, Education Program Supervisors (EPS) and Public Schools District Supervisors (PSDS), School Heads, Barangay Officials, selected teachers, parents and learners.

Some of the programs validated by the evaluators were the computer aided instruction of Kinder classes and Gulayan sa Paaralan of P. Burgos Elementary School, School-Based FEDROW and Gulayan sa Paaralan of Jose Rizal Elementary School, Senior High School Classes and Laboratories of Kalayaan National High School, Kariton Klasrum of Brgy. 146 & 148 and others.

Pasay City is hoping that this year’s Literacy Competition will answer its dream on becoming an ideal and an exemplar city in terms of literacy. Joining and winning in this competition is a great accomplishment not only for the father and mother of the City Hon.Mayor Antonino G. Calixto and Hon. Congresswoman Emie Calixto-Rubiano but for the DepEd family of Pasay headed by Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, CESO VI.

by: Normina B. Hadji Yunnos posted on Sept. 9, 2016

SDO Pasay commenced a six-day Capability Building Seminar to all school research committee, master teachers , Education Program Supervisors and Public Schools District Supervisors at TICC, Tagaytay City on August 31- September 2 and September 7-9, 2016 in preparation for the 3rd Division Action Research Festival.

Ms. Maria Jacqueline D. Bernardino, SEPS-P&R in coordination with the Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines and the two Chiefs of Curriculum Implementation Division and Schools Governance and Operation Division Mr. Librado F. Torres and Mrs. Irene S. Tonel spearheaded the training in order to acquire comprehensive competencies in research and development in the context of the delivery of basic education.

The target of the training was to innovate the system in order to promote educational change, utilize the appropriate research activities needed to address the classroom situation or problems for the benefit of both the learners and the teachers and to provide current information that will help researchers develop action research that will improve the teaching and learning environment, problem solving schemes.

Important topics such as Data Gathering Tools, Research Methods and Designs, Validating of Tools and Data Treatment were given emphasis to refresh participants’ knowledge in conducting their study.

All attendees were challenged by the Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, CESO VI to rejuvenate the conduct of research in their school / department and inspire all the teachers to actively involve themselves in identifying gaps and in formulating possible solutions to help attain a life-changing education.

by: Normina B. Hadji Yunnos posted on August 30, 2016

Prior to the implementation of Division Project Reading Intensively Through Collaborative Hearts (RITCH), a launching ceremonies of the project and presentation of the Roll-Out Work Plan was carried on last August 30, 2016 at SDO Conference Hall , Pasay City.

Division Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) Team initiated the venture as the result of their field investigation and analysis in the conducted root-cause on why Pasay was ranked 13 in the Grade Three 2015 LAPG Result in Filipino Reading Comprehension. CI Group designed various solutions to help learners overcome their frustration and the successful outcome of their toil was then turned into a project to be rolled-out in all elementary schools.

The commemoration was participated by the Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, CESO VI, Chiefs of Curriculum Implementation Division and Schools Governance and Operation Division  Mr. Librado F. Torres and Mrs. Irene S. Tonel, Division CI Team composed of Dr. Azucena L. Evardone – Public Schools District Supervisor, Dr. Bernardita Perez – Education Program Supervisor of SGOD, Mrs. Consolacion Diaz- Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao Supervisor, Mrs. Leuvina D. Erni- Education Program Supervisor  in-charge of Araling Panlipunan and Mr. Pedro Gloriani- Music Arts Physical Education and Health Supervisor, School Heads, Grade Three teachers, Education Program Supervisor  and Public Schools District Supervisor.

Intensified implementation of Project RITCH will be closely monitored by the Division CI Team and other selected supervisors.

by: Normina B. Hadji Yunnos posted on  August 25, 2016


       To provide ample opportunity on the preparation for planned learners’ interactions and engagement, SDO Pasay in coordination with the Local School Board, pursued the second part of the three day Test Writeshop held at TICC, Tagaytay City on August 25-27, 2016.

           Selected teacher writers who have shown their prowess in writing were tapped for the second time to share their expertise in designing contextualized and validated test materials to be used for the unified evaluation of learning outcomes for the second quarter.

         DepEd Pasay is proactive enough in identifying and applying immediate solutions to the needs of the stakeholders particularly the learners and the teachers. Writeshops on Test Construction was initiated by the SDO to come up with an authentic and quality test items.

by Normina B. Hadji Yunnos, posted on August 24, 2016

“Your greatest possession is your character. Keep your feet on the ground. Treat people well so that you will earn their respect. Plan as tomorrow is your last day. You are to leave a legacy for the next generation,” a noteworthy challenge that DepEd Pasay City’s Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, CESO VI accentuated during the conduct of the ceremonies on the Installation of the Ten Public Schools District Supervisors held at SDO Conference Hall on Tuesday, August 23, 2016.

The confirmation of the ten Public Schools District Supervisors (PSDS) was done in compliance of the SDO Pasay to the Executive Order 366, known as Department of Education’s Rationalization Plan, issued in 2004 and was approved on November 2013. Its goal is to improve the quality and efficiency of government services including the ability to respond immediately to the needs of the students, teachers and schools.

Installation of the newly promoted supervisors was witnessed by all School Heads both Elementary and Secondary, Education Program Supervisors, immediate relatives of the officials and other SDO personnel.

Assignment order of the new supervisors was read by Mrs. Marlene Polero- SDOs Administrative Officer V and Mr. Daniel A. De Ocampo, Administrative Officer IV. The ten newly installed PSDS are Mrs. Evelyn R. Ramos who is assigned to Cluster 1 , Dr. Efren E. Cansana for Cluster 2, Dr. Renato B. Mesada for Cluster 3, Mrs. Lovelynn Jane S. Bacera for Cluster 4, Ma. Jessica S. Magayanes for Cluster 5, Dr. Rosalie R. Condes for Cluster 6, Mrs. Marina M. Magbago for Cluster 7, Mrs. Azucena L. Evardone for Cluster 8, Raymond S. San Juan for Cluster 9 and Mrs. Emilia M. Oblianda for Cluster 10.

Dr. Ladines together with the two Chiefs, Mr. Librado F. Torres of CID and Mrs. Irene S. Tonnel of SGOD, inspired much the new Supervisors when they lead the community singing of the song entitled I Have A Dream and Welcome to the Family.


by Normina B. Hadji Yunnos, posted on August 09, 2016

DepEd Pasay take the lead in mainstreaming Gender and Development’s ( GAD ) Programs and Activities through the conduct of the 2 Day Division Training-Workshop on GAD Focal Point System at the Division Conference Hall on August 4 & 5, 2016.

The seminar is the second part of SDO Pasay’s strengthened campaign in making every school a sustainable gender responsive agency. The first part was conducted last May 19-20, 2016. It aims to provide the participants with the needed skills to enable them to perform their significant role in providing technical assistance to their stakeholders.

SDO invited a truly responsive PCW GAD Consultant and Gender Specialist Ms. Lourdes C. Turiano as the speaker. The fruitful activity was actively participated by the Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, CESO VI, Chief EPS of CID Librado F. Torres, Chief EPS of SGOD Mrs. Irene S. Tonel, EPS in-charge of Division GAD Program Implementation Mrs. Leuvina D. Erni, Pasay City Auditors Priscila A. Calomay & Gesilla A. Quilatan, Division & School GAD Focal Point System.

Participants’ commitment and submission of their GAD Implementation Plan and Budget completes the training.

by Imelda V. Boquiren, posted on August 8, 2016

Raphael Dylan Dalida, a student of St. Mary’s Academy-Pasay City was awarded gold medal in the recently concluded 19th Po Leung Kuk Primary Mathematics World Contest (PMWC) held in Hong Kong from July 12 to 16.

In the article written by Jonathan M. Hicap, published in Manila Bulletin last July 17, 2016,( Dalida led the Philippine team after garnering a perfect score in the individual competition. Celebrating the fruit of their labor were Filbert Ephraim Wu of MGC New Life Christian Academy in Taguig who bagged a silver medal and the bronze medalists Evgeny Cruz of Palanan Elementary School Makati,Enzo Raphael Chan of Bayanihan Institute in Tarlac, Chiara Bernadette Tan-Gatue of St.Jude Catholic School in Manila, Kristen Steffi The of Grace Christian College in Quezon City and Cassidy Kyler Tan of Davao Christian High School in Davao City.

The Philippine delegation was accompanied by team leaders Dr. Simon Chua, Renard Eric Chua and Rodert Degolacion, all Mathematics Trainers Guild(MTG)-Philippines, and deputy team leaders Vincent Charles Go of MTG and Ma. Christina Ilaw of the Science Education Institute of the Department of Science and Technology.

Dalida has been training with Mathematics Training Guild since 2014. His huge accomplishment is another milestone and indeed a manifestation that SDO Pasay is an avenue of homegrown talents.

by Normina B. Hadji Yunnos, posted on August 4, 2016

Legacy, a visionary word that Mrs. Fe G. Llanes, DepEd Pasay’s Public Schools District Supervisor in-charge of Kinder, wanted to forsake when she initiated the conduct of Division Writeshop for Kindergarten Daily Lesson Log and Contextualization of Progress Report Card for Kinder held at Epifanio Delos Santos Elementary School on July 2, 9,16,23 & 30, as part of the fulfilment of her mission before she formally retire from service on August 03.

The workshop was done as partway of the division’s implementation of RA 10533 or Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013. It aims to provide teachers with an opportunity for reflection on what learners need to learn, how learners learn and how best to facilitate the learning process using blocks of time and to empower teachers to develop DLL for Kindergarten that recognizes the diversity of learners inside the classroom.

The training was facilitated by the Public Schools District Supervisors Mrs. Fe G. Llanes, and Mrs. Azucena L. Evardone, Kindergarten teachers of DCS Pasay and one Department Head of Filipino, Mrs. Evelyn Ramos as one of the consultants.

The approved final output was turned-over to the Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, CESO VI together with the two Chiefs, Mr. Librado F. Torres of the Curriculum Implementation Division and Mrs. Irene S. Tonel of the Schools Governance and Operations Division during the demeanour of the closing ceremony on August 02 at the SDO Conference Hall.


by Ivan R. Grulla, posted on August 3, 2016

Selected teacher-writers from different elementary and secondary schools in Pasay were assigned to participate and showed their prowess in writing in different subject areas in a two-day Division Test-Writeshop for First Periodic Evaluation of Learning Outcomes SY 2016-2017 conducted last July 29-30 at SDO Pasay Conference Hall.

On the first day, participants were given inputs by our test construction experts. Mr. Librado F. Torres, Chief EPS for Curriculum Implementation Division, discussed the Measurement, Testing and Evaluation while Mrs. Maripaz T. Mendoza and Mrs. Imelda V. Boquiren, EPS for Science and OIC-EPS in English explained the“Purposes/Desirable Characteristics of Test” and “General Steps in the Preparation of Teacher-Made Test.”

Education Program Supervisors and Public School District Supervisors also attended the writeshop and served as critics to check the test items, critiquing the table of specification and analyzing the outputs of the participants. Ten School IT Officers also attended to take charge of printing of the outputs.

In the afternoon, Mr. Librado F. Torres gave emphasis in Writing Multiple Choice Test Item before the writing session. The writing session continued on the following day.

Final editing, revision and printing of tests were facilitated and checked by the department heads and EPS to ensure the quality of test for our learners. The writeshop ended by awarding of certificates to the participants and facilitators.

The Test-Writeshop is part of the Pasay City LEAPS (Learning Assessment Projects and Strategies) which is a project of the DCS, Pasay City in coordination with the Local School Board ( LSB) of Pasay City.

by Normina B. Hadji Yunnos, posted on July 20, 2016

A special launching ceremony of DepEd ALS’ A & E Program blasted-off last July 12, 2016 at Brgy.192, Pildera Street, Pasay City as part of the division’s campaign to bring the ALS Program in the barangays where most number of out-of-school youths (OSYs) can be located.

It is the major goal of the venture to provide learning opportunities that will enable the OSYs and adult learners pursue their learning in any way, time and place they want, just to help them realize their goals in uplifting their quality of life and become more effective citizens.

The inauguration was witnessed by Hon. Congresswoman Imelda Calixto-Rubiano, Mr. Emil San Gabriel, PDO III of DSWD NCR, DepEd Pasay City’s EPS in-charge of ALS Mrs Edna P. Madrid and Public Schools District Supervisors, Mr. Nick Reyes- Executive Secretary of the City Mayor Hon. Antonino G. Calixto, Barangay Officials and out-of-school youths and adult learners.

Mrs. Edna P. Madrid highlighted in her talk that everyone has the right to reach their dreams and those visions will be achieved if they will embrace ALS and take it as their primordial tool in starting their new perspective in life and that the importance of education.
In the end, Congresswoman Emie Calixto-Rubiano congratulated DepEd Pasay City for being consistently on top in the conducted A&E Tests. She assured to stretch her 100% support for the success of the program. She ended her discourse by challenging all the Barangay Captains to make their respective areas become the primary promoter of literacy.

by Imelda V. Boquiren, posted on July 19, 2016

Another remarkable impact on the Read Aloud Program transpired during the Training-Workshop on Enhancing G2 Teacher’s Facilitation Skills in Teaching Reading held on July 2 and 9, 2016 at SDO, Conference Hall.

The two day training-workshop was initiated by Ms. Maria Victoria Lagoutte, Read Aloud Program Director in partnership with the Rotary Club International Partners from Melbourne, Australia as represented by David Alexander and David Chandler and in cooperation with the Reading Association of the Philippines.

The said training was attended by Grade 2 teachers, Grade Level Coordinators, Elementary School Principals, Education Program Supervisors and Public School District Supervisors. The Chief of the Curriculum Implementation Division, Mr. Librado F. Torres gave the welcome address and acknowledged the significance of the program in uplifting the performance of the learners reading skills. He expressed that DepEd Pasay is committed to the partnership in attaining the common goal of the Read Aloud Program … to make every child a reader.

This year’s Read Aloud Program Training –Workshop is an offshoot of the Literacy (Read Aloud Program) Training held on November 29, 2015.The training generally aims to enhance facilitation skills in teaching reading. Specifically it aims to address concerns in view of the compelling needs of Grade 2 pupils, provide innovative strategies in teaching nonfiction stories and engage the participants to collaborative work and interactive activities.The initial activity of the session was the recap of the second and third workshops.Teachers were asked series of questions wherein the interaction was done through giving of inputs.As reflected in this quotation, “My brain needs sharpening” the primary aim of the training was captured.From the point of view of the child to that of the teachers, indeed our minds need sharpening, our minds need enhancement and our mind need to learn innovative strategies in order to deliver not just good teaching but excellent teaching … ”We need to develop the brain of our learners through the love for reading…The more poems your pupils know, the smarter they have become”. These words to ponder from the resource speaker Ms. Maria Victoria Lagoutte captivated the participants to focus on the topic presented.

The orientation of the training where teachers were engaged in activities was apparent in a video clip presentation of a boy learning how to read. Prior to the viewing, they were tasked to analyze the behavior of the child and observe how the teacher employs a certain strategy to make a child learn how to read. With the collaborative efforts, the teachers were able to identify the strategy as well as their pivotal role to know what stage of reading a student is in. Ms. Lagoutte reminded the teachers that in teaching nonfiction stories bold words should be unlocked for vocabulary development. She emphasized, “In non-fiction stories children will wonder about other things…Expect kids to be confused.”

Meanwhile, in a five minute presentation of the teachers output showcasing their best practices in teaching fictional stories, the International Partners were overwhelmed. The same feeling was felt by the teachers when the said sponsors started the book giving which highlighted the workshop. The big books donated by the Rotary International were personally handed to the teachers together with their principals. It was noted that teachers were grateful when they received the books. When ask the reason why? They said that those books were beneficial to their students…”our students will be happy to see and read these books “they unanimously replied.

Part of the Read Aloud Program success was the full support of the Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines whose primary advocacy is to enhance the literacy of young Pasayeños.

by Normina B. Hadji Yunnos, posted on July 18, 2016


“You are part of the history of the implementation of Senior High School in the Department of Education. I expect so much positive behaviour and attitude from you. Show your greatest care, concern and love for all types of learners and couple it with fortitude,” DepEd Pasay City’s Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, CESO VI strongly emphasized during the meaningful conduct of the Division Training Workshop on Capacitating Senior High School Teachers held at SDO Conference Hall on Saturday, July 16, 2016.

The training was initiated by the division of Pasay City in order to capacitate SHS teachers with basic aspect of teaching-learning process. It also aimed to enhance the instructional skills of teachers and ensure highly competent SHS educators who will significantly contribute to the development of lifelong learners.

The administration of the workshop was participated by the SDS together with the two Chief Education Program Supervisors Mr. Librado F. Torres of the CID and Mrs. Irene S. Tonel of the SGOD; Secondary School Principals and 82 SHS Teachers.

The proceedings of the training was facilitated by SDO’s National Educators Academy of the Philippines ( NEAP ) Regional trainers: Mrs. Maripaz T. Mendoza, EPS-Science; Mrs. Imelda V. Boquiren, OIC-EPS- English; Mrs. Flerida S. Pajarillaga, Junior Education Program Specialist- HRD and Mrs. Normina B. Hadji Yunnos, EPS-LRMDS.

At the end of the training, Dr. Ladines challenged the participants to manifest the highest level of their creativity, skills and knowledge in handling the SHS learners. She ended her discourse by thanking all the SHS teachers for considering SDO Pasay as a site of their new venture, and promised to give her 100% full support on instructional supervision and on the implementation of SHS curriculum to enhance their capacity and capability on becoming a competent SHS educator.

by Imelda V. Boquiren, posted on July 12, 2016


A three day visit of the Read Aloud Program Project Director and International Partners to the Implementing Public Elementary Schools was held on June 30, July 1 and July 7, 2016

Ms .Maria Victoria Lagoutte, Project Director of ”Read Aloud Program” together with the Rotary Club International Partners :David Alexander of Rotary Club of Manningham, Melbourne Australia and David Chandler of Rotary Club Upper Jarra visited P. Zamora Elementary School, Juan Sumulong Elementary School, Maricaban Elementary School, Don Carlos Village Elementary School and Jose Rizal Elementary School.

During the said visits, they were accompanied by Mrs. Imelda V. Boquiren, OIC-EPS (English) and Project Coordinator of Read Aloud Program, Mrs. Marina Magbago and Mrs. Fe G. Llanes, Public Schools District Supervisors.

The observation of Grade 2 classes highlighted the said visits. Teachers were observed in a span of 10 to 20-minute allotted time for Read Aloud Program as an integration of the Mother tongue Based Subject. Fictional Stories from the Big Books donated by the Rotary Club International sponsors were used in teaching the pupils.

Post Conference was held after the observation of classes in each school. Giving of feedbacks on the strengths of the teachers as well as suggestions were given by Ms. Maria Victoria Laguotte. Teachers were commended for showcasing their best performances in teaching reading. Ms. Lagoutte pointed out the importance of doing turn and talk more often. She reiterated, “The attention span of primary students is only 10 minutes, in order to catch their attention they should be engaged in activities where they can work with partners and share their insights”. She added that acting out is one way to know if the pupils understand the poem. She concluded that if the pupils are given varied activities they will not only enjoy their classes but also learning will definitely take place.

Meanwhile, in an interview conducted by David Alexander during the post conference, the following questions were raised: How did your life change after you implemented the Read Aloud Project? How did the read aloud project affect the lives of your pupils? The teachers without any hesitations had given the following responses: Read Aloud Program has been very beneficial in teaching reading, big books easily capture the attention of the pupils, the pupils learn how to answer questions which developed their high order thinking skills, the frustration level of the pupils in reading comprehension test or PHIL IRI was reduced, the read Aloud Materials were also used in Remedial Reading classes. Furthermore, teachers have attested that they became competent in teaching reading through the meaningful insights gained during the Read Aloud Program training –workshops. What made Alexander very grateful was when a teacher in Maricaban Elementary School mentioned that one of their Grade 2 learners who became proficient reader participated in the school programs as story teller.

In another interview with Dr. Tirso Gali, principal of Jose Rizal Elementary School, about his view on the implementation of the project, he said, “Transformational change is apparent”. He explained that the 3 way process is very evident during class observations. The teacher to material, teacher to learners, and learners to learners’ interaction take place in every read aloud lesson. He emphasized the importance of formative assessment which was very evident as one of the teachers’ strategies in teaching reading. He further affirmed that Read Aloud teachers are now getting away from the stereotype kind of teaching.

by Imelda V. Boquiren, posted on July 8, 2016


Grade eleven students were welcomed in the nationwide opening of classes on June 13, 2016.

A year of thorough planning and preparation was conducted by the Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, together with the SGOD Chief and focal person for the Senior High, Mrs. Irene S. Tonel, in order to comply with all the requirements. This included the screening of the qualified teacher applicants and construction of school facilities, rooms and laboratories of different Academic and Technical Vocational Strands to effectively implement the program.

Based on the School Tracking report consolidated by Ms. Maria Jacqueline D. Bernardino, Senior Program Specialist for Planning and Research, the total Grade 10 completers for SY 2015 – 2016 is 3,861 and the declared total absorptive capacity of the public schools is 3,151 students. However, the private schools were able to conduct marketing schemes which attracted 30% of the students in the public schools.

Currently, as noted in the enrolment data encoded in the LIS, the SDO – Pasay is able to surpass all the required number of absorptive capacity necessary to accommodate all SHS learners. In particular, the total LIS enrolment is 7,652. Two thousand twenty five or 26% are enrolled in nine (9) public schools and 5,362 or 70% are in the private schools and HEIs. Two hundred sixty five or 4% are in the State Universities and Colleges (SUC).

In an interview conducted to Grade eleven students, majority of the learners opted to enroll in the private school and Higher Education Institutions for the reason that they have an assurance of collegiate acceptance in HEI and change of environment, culture and status symbol.

Apparently, the turnout of enrolment is a manifestation that the Division of Pasay surpass the challenge of the “Non Drop Out Policy” in the Senior High School.

by Imelda V. Boquiren , posted on July 5, 2016


Training-Workshops funded by the Division INSET Fund/MOOE were held and highlighted the opening of SY 2016 – 2017 at the Division of City Schools, Pasay City.

The continuous adherence to facilitate training on the Department of Education (DepEd) was manifested as Education Program Supervisors and Senior Education Program Specialists conducted various seminars to provide participants instructional competence and professional growth.

The seminar-workshop on Personal Health Habits and Wellness for Schools Division Office’s Senior Personnel was held on June 6 at Schools Division Office Conference Hall.

With the main objective to promote awareness on the importance of personal health habits and wellness among Senior SDO Personnel, Mrs. Fe G. Llanes, Public School District Supervisor and in-charge of Senior Citizen Program believed the significance of the training as it benefited participants.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Aida B. Silva, Education Program Supervisor – Filipino spearheaded the training on “Pagsasanay sa Palihan ng mga Guro sa Pamamaraan ng Paglinang sa Kahusayan sa Pag-unawa sa Pagbasa sa Ikatlong Baitang” held on June 9 – 10 at Padre Zamora Elementary School.

At the said seminar, teachers were given opportunity to enhance teaching strategies and acquire innovative approaches that will engage their learners to a meaningful learning.

Training in Formation of Values for Kindergarten Pupils at Early Age was held on June 10. The initiative of Mrs. Fe G. Llanes to hone the potential kindergarten teachers has been her advocacy as kindergarten in-charge and as a Public School District Supervisor.

As a solution to address the compelling needs in conducting research a “Division Training Workshop in Invigorating Science Investigatory Project” was held on June 11 and 18 at Pasay City East High School. The two day workshop paved way to a research- based activity. Mrs. Maripaz Mendoza, Education Program Supervisor in Science, stated that the participants were challenged to create research proposals.

With her as co-facilitator of the said training was Dr. Efren Canzana, Principal of Pasay City Science High School.

To rekindle teachers commitment in their role as educators and formatters and to enhance their commitment as models to their students are the objectives of the “Values Education Teacher’s Forum” held on June 18 at Philippine National School for the Blind. Mrs. Consolacion Diaz Education Program Supervisor in Values Education was certain that their objective were achieved as the resource speaker Sr. Elizabeth Batay, MCST, profoundly explained the theme: “Ang Guro sa Paglago ng kanyang sarili at kapwa”.

As an offshoot of the Division Seminar on Gender Sensitivity, Mainstreaming and GAD Legal Mandates on May 19-20, a more comprehensive training workshop for Schools Division Office Non-Teaching Personnel was conducted last June 22-23 at the SDO Conference Room.

by Imelda V. Boquiren, posted on July 1, 2016


Empowering Supervisors and School Principals was once put into action during the two-day training on “Enhancing Facilitation and Presentation Skills Workshop” held at Schools Division Office (SDO) Conference Hall on June 28 – 29.

The ardent desire of the Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines to continuously provide trainings in order to hone the full potential of the school officials and division personnel and for them to be equipped as instructional managers has driven the SGOD specialists to conduct the said training.

Spearheaded by the Human Resource Development (HRD) unit of the School Governance and Operations Division (SGOD) Mr. Noel P. Miranda, Senior Education Program Specialist said that the training was an offshoot of the first undertaking in Facilitation Skills Enhancement held last June, 2015.

According to Mr. Miranda, the training primarily aims to strengthen facilitation prowess of the Education Program Supervisors, Public School District Supervisors and School Principals. As an expert facilitator, he emphasized the importance of good facilitation specially when they convey ideas to their subordinates during seminars and meetings, “One major concern of holding trainings is to satisfy the requirements of PRIME-HRM to further strengthen the potential of SDO – Pool of Trainers”, he concluded.

Taking part in the training were the two equally competent speakers: Mrs. Flerida Pajarillaga, Education Program Specialist II – HRD, who discussed the topics on: Upper Competent Speakers; 5 Different Audience; Tips in Handling Tough Questions, Meeting 101, and Mr. Erick D. Comia, Information Technology Officer I who shared his expertise on ICT by presenting innovative approach in designing Presentation in facilitating a session.

The participants have been very grateful for the meaningful insights they gained in this purposeful activity. They claimed that they are now equipped with enhanced facilitation skills… ready to face their audience.

by Imelda V. Boquiren, posted on June 30, 2016


Open High School Program on its Second Year of implementation in the Division is now offered in Pasay City South High School. Approximately Ninety nine (99) students shall benefit and finish Grades 7 to 10 level at the end of SY 2016-2017. The initial report of the school’s focal person Mr. Diosdado Rosales indicates that the students enrolled due to flexible teaching methodologies and schedule aside from the regular Saturday classes.

Furthermore, Deped Monitoring Team lead by Mrs. Consolacion Diaz and Mrs. Maripaz Mendoza already rolled out the implementing rules and regulations of the said program.Through the strict monitoring, observation and follow ups, the needs of the students and teachers regarding instructional and learning materials will certainly be addressed.

The success of the three implementing schools: Pasay City East High School, Pasay City West High School and Kalayaan National High School in SY 2015-2016 inspired the Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines to expand the program to target learners of Pasay City South High School. Her initiative to implement the program is a clear manifestation that Deped Pasay adheres to continuously attain, Education for All (EFA) goal of making every Filipino functionally literate by 2015… And in the next years to come.

by Normina B. Hadji Yunnos, posted on June 23, 2016


“We aim to make Pasay more safe and become a resilient community by providing our constituents a quality and relevant services, for it is our goal to become a model city in the implementation of our special programs and projects,” Hon. Mayor Antonino G. Calixto highlighted during the conduct of the Regional Search for the 2016 Literacy Awards held at Selah Hotel, Park Avenue, Pasay City on June 23, 2016.

The event was beheld by the jurors of the contest Dr. Ponciano A. Menguito, Director IV, DepEd NCR- represented by Atty. Joylyn Dulnuan being the Chairman; Dr. Arsenio Manalo, EPS II, DepEd-NCR; Sr. Anne Ressurecion, Directress, Religious of Mary Immaculate; Rev. Francisco S. Niegas, President, JCOMS Christian Academy as members of the Board of Judges,

Other officials who attended the activity were Dr. Genia V. Santos, Chief EPS of CLMD DepEd-NCR; Education Program Supervisors from the Regional Office, Dr. Roland Montes and Dr. Gloria Tamayo; Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines; Chief EPS of CID, Mr. Librado F. Torres; Chief EPS of SGOD, Ms. Irene S. Tonel, EPS and PSDS of DepEd Pasay, Principals and the Unit Heads of the different organizations under the leadership of Hon. Mayor Antonino G. Calixto and Hon. Congresswoman Emelda Calixto-Rubiano.

All the accomplished Programs and Projects of the local government were presented to the juries for evaluation. The father of City Hon. Mayor Calixto also said that he is willing to extend his services in the next election just to assure the continuity of his ventures. Some of those are the Take Care I Care Program, Enhanced and Legal Electrical connections for the informal settlers, Scholarship Programs in the Private Institutions, Family-Based Ecological Diversion and Recycling of Waste (FEDROW) and the like. He likewise added that he planned to have an additional program for the prostitutes and make every classroom in the city an air conditioned learning venue.

Pasay City has been awarded as The Most Highly Urbanized Local Government Unit in the National Capital Region for three consecutive years under the leadership of Hon. Mayor Calixto. Sr. Anne Resurreccion, one of the assessors underscored that Pasay is a well-organized city in terms of planning. She congratulated the city for the success of the activity and hoped that the city will make it again at the 2016 National Literacy Awards.

by Jomarie C. Correo, posted on June 17, 2016


“Huwag niyo silang iiwan, sila ay may pangalan, sila ay may mukha, hindi niyo lang sila enrollee kundi sila ay iyong kapatid at kapag isa sa kanila ay hindi nakapagtapos kayo ang hahabulin ko”, Bro Armin A. Luistro, said during the Moving Up Ceremony of the one thousand two hundred sixty seven (1267) completers of the sixteen (16) Divisions in the National Capital Region (NCR) during the culminating activity of the “Kariton Klasrum, KIinika at Kantina” (K4) program last June 16, 2016, three o’clock in the afternoon held at Philsport, Pasig Multipurpose Arena, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City.

Division of City Schools Pasay City participated in the said momentous activity, Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, Schools Division Superintendent (SDS) presented to Dr. Ponciano Menguito, NCR Director the one hundred sixty (160) completers of Pasay City. This highlights that out of the three hundred fifty nine (359) enrollees of K4, 44.57% of our street children were mainstreamed in the formal school.

The ceremony was witnessed by the prominent personnel in the different agencies; Dynamic Teen Company headed by the CNN Hero Awardee Efren G. Peῆaflorida, DSWD Secretary Corazon Dinky Soliman, Undersecretary of Partnership and Linkages, Mario A. Deriquito, Schools Division Superintendent of the 16 divisions in NCR, principals, barangay officials, Local Government Unit (LGU) Officials, parents, K4 teachers and the newly elected Vice President, Leonor Robredo.

The said activity was fully supported by the Century Pacific, National Bookstore, Feedmix, Unilever, Department of Health (DOH), BPI Foundations, Jollibee group of companies, Coca-cola, Union of Local Authorities, Dynamic Teen Company (DTC) and the Philsports Commission, Pasig Multi- Purpose Arena.

by Normina B. Hadji Yunnos, posted on June 14, 2016


The remarkable date for the School Year 2016 – 2017 which is the opening of classes in all schools nationwide was done on Monday, June 13, 2016.

Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, CESO VI, together with our CID and SGOD Chief Education Program Supervisors, Mr. Librado F. Torres and Mrs. Irene S. Tonel, Education Program Supervisors and, Public Schools District Supervisors monitored the successful Oplan Balik Eskwela (OBE) 2016.

The division assured the safety measures of the physical environment in all schools including site utilities. Teachers were also equipped with additional teaching strategies including the preparation of their lesson plans. Feeding centers started to feed pupils and students during the first day.

The department strongly adheres to a “No Collection Policy” and “Admit All Policy” to all public institutions. Stakeholders including GPTA, Parents, Barangay Officials and, Civic Society Organizations participated in the 2016 Brigada Eskwela and, attended the Parents’ Assembly wherein the Principals presented the School Report Card (SRC) held last June 10-11, 2016.

by Normina B. Hadji Yunnos, posted on June 10, 2016


A Blessing and Turn-Over Ceremonies of the retrofitted building of Pasay City South High School (PCSHS) was launched on June 10, 2016 at PCSHS Gymnasium.

The inauguration was witnessed by the executives in the society led by the City Mayor of Pasay, Hon. Antonino G. Calixto and Congresswoman Emie Calixto-Rubiano together with the DepEd officials, headed by Dr. Ponciano A. Menguito, Regional Director of NCR, our Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines , Chief EPS of CID and SGOD, Education Program Supervisors, Public Schools District Supervisors, Principals, teachers, parents, students and other stakeholders of the PCSHS.

Retrofitting of the building was commenced by Megaworld BCDA under the supervision of Andrew Tan and Engr. John Lee in collaboration with the local government and DepEd Pasay.

It was an answered prayer for the students, parents faculty , personnel and the school head of PCSHS Agapito Teodoro Manaog for after almost two years of their struggles and sacrifices , their school is now back to normal and ready to cater additional enrolees.

by Ivan R. Grulla, posted on June 9, 2016


Civic Organizations, Local Government Units (LGU), NGOs, private sectors, stakeholders, barangay officials and DepEd employees of Pasay City including teachers, where unified and actively participated in the implementation of Deped Order No. 35 series 2016, also known as National School Maintenance Week which was conducted last May 30 to June 4, 2016 with the theme, “Tayo Para sa Paaralang Ligtas, Maayos at Handa Mula Kindergarten Hanggang Senior High School”.

Education stakeholders are encouraged to participate and contribute their time, effort and resources to this school maintenance effort in ensuring that all public school facilities are ready for the school opening in June 13.


by Librado F. Torres, posted on June 9, 2016


Level-Up! DepEd- Pasay City in its passion to be even more structured, strategic, and results-oriented in its operations, the Leveling-up of Evaluation of Learning Outcomes: A division-Wide Retooling Scheme was initiated.

This initiative purports to ensure quality of the evaluation of learning outcomes by incorporating both the classical and modern trends on educational testing for improved performance. This initiative is coupled with another project, Monitoring of Delivery of Discipline and Evaluation of Learning Outcomes ( MODELO) , which focuses on the intensification of instructional supervision.

by Kathleen G. Tolentino , posted on June 8, 2016


As the implementation of Special Program in Foreign Language continues to flourish in Pasay City, another crowning glory has been unlocked for two of the Local Chinese Mandarin teachers who passed the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi 1 last May 21, 2016 at Confucius Institute at Angeles University Foundation, Angeles City, Philippines.

After a month of waiting, it is with pride and honor for Pasay City West High School to acknowledge the HSK passers, Miss Adah Grace Dela Cruz and Miss Kathleen G. Tolentino, as they are officially given the license to teach the local Mandarin students in Pasay City.

The test consists of 200 items divided into two parts: the listening and the reading test with 100 items each.

Also, 120 points or above must be attained in order to pass the test. It was taken by almost a hundred of public and private high school teachers all over the Philippines who underwent the one-month SPFL – Mandarin Language Training in Angeles, Pampanga.

The Chinese Proficient Test (HSK) was initiated and pioneered by Hanban – Confucius Institute Headquarters in order to deliver quality Chinese language education to the students. Through the collaborated forces of the experts from different disciplines including Chinese language teaching, linguistics, psychology and educational measurement, the new exam was made. The advantages of original HSK with considerations to the current trends in Chinese language training through surveys were combined together with the utilization of the recent findings in international language testing.

by Kathleen G. Tolentino , posted on June 8, 2016


The Confucius Institute at Angeles University Foundation, official partner of the Department of Education in Special Program of Chinese language, conducted an SPFL – Mandarin Language Training last April 11, 2016 to May 11, 2016 at Angeles City, Philippines. DepEd – Pasay Division, through the continuous implementation of Special Program in Foreign Language, was once again represented by the new SPFL Mandarin teachers from Pasay City West High School, namely Ms. Adah Grace Dela Cruz and Ms. Kathleen G. Tolentino who are also English teachers.

The training was attended by different teachers, teaching in both public and private high schools, all over the Philippines who are expected to teach Chinese Mandarin to Filipino high school students this incoming school year 2016-2017. The one-month duration of the training provided an avenue to acknowledge the responsibilities of the local Chinese teachers. Together with the assistance of Confucius Institute, recognized by the Ministry of Education of the Philippines, Chinese Language teaching will soon establish its achievements in the Philippine Education arena.

Furthermore, the bloom of the foreign language has been continuously reaching its peak as the enhancement training entitled “Face to Face Follow Through Course in German Language” was attended by Mrs. Jenelyn Bareng and Mrs. Raquel May Basa, both are English and German teachers from Pasay City West High School respectively, at the Goethe Institut, Makati, Philippines, last April 7 to April 21 and May 18 to June 1.

by Imelda V. Boquiren, posted on May 4, 2016


Teachers from the different elementary schools attended the Teaching Guide Writeshop and Contextualization of Learning Materials for k-12 Grade Five Curriculum Implementation held at the Girl Scout of the Philippines Training Center, Tagaytay City on May 23 – 27, 2016.

It was spearheaded by Mr. Librado. F. Torres, Chief Education Program Supervisor for Curriculum Implementation Division (CID). Education Programs Supervisors of different subject areas, Public Schools District Supervisors and Elementary school principals served as the resource persons during the training.

The training specifically aims to subtask learning competencies in all learning areas; concretize the concept of contextualization in the production of learner’s material.

by Ivan R. Grulla, posted on May 2, 2016

In response to the needs of our teachers, especially our learners in providing effective learning materials and better education, Deped Pasay through the initiative of our Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, launched the Learning Resource Management and Development System (LRMDS) on March 18, 2016 at Schools Division Office Conference Hall, Pasay City.

It was attended by the director of Bureau of Learning Resource from Central Office, Dr. Edel B. Carag, School LRMDS Coordinators, Librarians and ICT Coordinators, together with our Education Program Supervisors, Public Schools District Supervisors and School heads in both Elementary and Secondary.

The commemoration aims to strengthen the function of LRMDS in the division.