“Growth and progress awaits in every significant struggles we make”, Dr. Azucena L. Evardone – Division CIP Team Leader, cited during the conduct of the Division Showcase of Continuous Implementation Projects (CIP) for the school year 2016-2017 held at the Philippine School for the Deaf on January 19, 2018 that aimed to provide the participants an awareness of the current status of the CI Pilot schools and to recognize the accomplishments of the CI Pilot School Team Members.

CI implementers started their journey after the three-day Seminar Workshop steered by the Division CI Masters headed by the Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, CESO V, in October 2016 taken at the Girl Scout of the Philippines, Tagaytay City.

Each implementing school is advised to choose from the priority improvement areas and used CI as an instrument to unravel the challenge. Execution of the projects are employed for ten month, and closely monitored and supervised by the Public Schools District Supervisors in-charge of the Clusters, together with the CI Masters Dr. Azucena L. Evardone – Public Schools District Supervisor in-charge of Cluster 3; Leuvina D. Erni – Education Program Supervisor in-charge of Araling Panlipunan; Consolacion G. Diaz – Education Program Supervisor in-charge of Edukasyon Sa Pagpapakatao; Dr. Bernardita Perez – Education Program Supervisor of Schools Governance and Operations Division; and Pedro D. Gloriani – Education Program Supervisor in-charge of MAPEH.

Rivera Village Elementary School headed by Mr. Reynaldo L. Yakit implemented the project entitled Reading Engagement Ways to Apply and Revive Developmental Skills (REWARDS) which aimed to bridge the gap on the comprehension skills of their Grade Three learners. It is a Collaborative Reading Approach designed to decrease the 57% to 15% frustration stage in the said Grade level. In the same way, Ms. Norma B. Jamon – principal of Juan Sumulong Elem. School and her CI Team conducted similar project entitled Upgrading the Reading Level of their Grade Three learners from Frustration to Instructional /Independent (URL-F2I). Kalayaan National High School as well had its project entitled Three Cs of Grade 10. Mrs. Emilia L. Tolentino – Principal IV of KNHS, and her CI Team targeted to attain higher learning and improve the level of achievement among Grade 10 students of their school. Likewise, Pasay City North High School – M. Dela Cruz Campus instigated their project entitled Program on the Improvement on NAT Achievements of the Students in Science (PINASS). Pasay North High School’s CI Team led by Dr. Renato B. Mesada- Public Schools District Supervisor and the concurrent principal of the said school targeted to increase the MPS of their Grade 10 students by 2%.

Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, CESO V – Schools Division Superintendent and Dr. Melody P. Cruz, OIC-Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, commended the effort exerted by the CI Team of the four Pilot Schools.

All the Schools’ CI Team, Education Program Supervisors, Public Schools District Supervisors, Chief Education Program Supervisors Mr. Librado F. Torres of the Curriculum Implementation Division and Mr. Irene S. Tonel of the Schools Governance and Operations Division witnessed the unveiling of the Division Showcase of CI Projects.