D/SMEA AIR and PIR for 2019-2020: A Success

Fatima P. Fajardo

The School Monitoring Evaluation and Adjustment (SMEA) teams of the twenty- nine (29) schools from SDO-Pasay took the centerstage as they presented, showcased, and expounded on the programs and projects implemented for school year 2019-2020 during the conduct of the D/SMEA Version 2.0-2020 Quarter 2 – Mid-Term Review (MTR), Quarter 3 – Program Implementation Review (PIR) for Priority Technical Assistance Agenda And Nominated School’s Best Practice.

The four-day engagement opened on October 27 with a plenary session via google meet. This was attended by the Public Schools District Supervisor (PSDS), school heads and one SMEA member from each school. The Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Loreta B. Torrecampo, on her opening remarks lauded the schools for the implemented programs and projects. She has also highlighted the target to have a best practice for each school in the near future.

The schools were also revitalized with the Monitoring, Evaluation and Adjustment (MEA) technology with the discussions from the resource speakers. Dr. Arturo A. Tolentino, OIC – Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, talked over the Validation Criteria in the Crafting of the Program Management Report Form.

The two chiefs – Dr. Myrna B. Gaza of the School Governance and Operations Division (SGOD) and Mr. Librado F. Torres of the Curriculum Implementation Division (CID) – engaged the participants more with their sessions on Content Exploration of the SMEA 5-Slide Deck Presentation and the Basics of Applying for Best Practice. Meanwhile, the Senior Program Specialist of School Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Mrs. Flerida S. Pajarillaga, took down the memory lane as she covered the DMEA Descriptive Report: Quarter 2 (Annual Implementation Review) to Conferment of Best Practices for SY 2018-2019.

The 29 schools elaborated on their SMEA 5-slide deck presentations during the 3-day face to face engagement from October 28 to November 3 which shall pave the way for the Recognition of Schools Best Practice after the application and validation process.

The 4-day engagement came to close as schools started to submit their applications for the Schools Best Practice which shall be recognized on the awarding ceremony in December.